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    “…people who took part in the study could not differentiate between descriptions of women taken from lad mags and comments about women made by convicted rapists.”
    Ok, lets play spot the difference:

    “I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I have a duty to be a fighter for truth and Justice” – ???

    “Politics are very much like war. We might have to use poison gas at times” -???

    Both very smart quotes, yes? One is Winston Churchill, the other is Adolf Hitler. Spot the difference? 

    Ok – lets move on…

    “The research… also revealed that most men who took part in the study identified more with the language expressed by the convicted rapists than with quotes from lad mags”

    I identify more with the first quote above, “I have no duty to allow…” by Adolf Hitler. What does that mean? Well…according to the article above, using the same logic, I am a Nazi.

    Who knew? 

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