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    Anthony (Tony) Vaughn, could not afford to pay staff members, he went about uncivillised methods (to say the least) ways of “retrenching” staff – forcing them to resign…. However he can afford a lavish wedding in Franchoek??? Makes one think what kind of conscience he has!!! Pathetic what people do these days!!!
    Leaving people financially burdened and stressed!!
    Sitting here writing this I feel sick to my stomach thinking about this whole ordeal!

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    Vaughn is a doos. He has no conscience. He doesn’t know half his children. He is going to see his arse very soon and then all those he has ridden roughshod over can throw a party to celebrate in Franschhoek…. light the bonfires!

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    Just questioning

    This is terrible, my heart goes out to these staff members, but surely with the new Companies act,makes owners/directors personally liable for the debt?

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    debbie walters

    I’ve never heard one good word about this guy! Like….not one!!! Fact: It seems the only person Tony cares about is Tony. He can try and change his name to Anthony to distance himself from it all …but really. it just makes it look all the more dirty! I wish his new wife luck, whoever she is.

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    Another victim

    Have to give it to this guy. He is GOOD!!!!. He has the ability to run up printing bills last rumoured to run past R11 million. The IDC that holds a R1,8million PERSONAL SURITY on him, yet he brags about his “mate on the inside” who helps keep him off the radar. Company debtors are encouraged to pay into his personal account – more poor people who are going to get burnt!!! Yet he always lands on his feet – the new celeb wifey about to give birth to his 5th kid, should ensure he maintains his high flying lifestyle. Just wondering where the new wife stands with all this. Was there a full and franc disclosure before the wedding bells chimed???

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    Why is this man still around to torment people? I believe he’s been reported to SARS on several occasions…..What are they doing about it? Agree, surely he’s personally liable some of the debt. Every 3rd person he’s dealt with seems to be out of pocket! Where’s it all gone?

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    Media Nova has seen the most amazing talent come and go – all beaten down by this man in only months. Including a host of editors, managers and sales staff who are all now extremely successful in their own right. I laugh to myself – Vaughan was once quoted as saying “all staff are replaceable”.. great how replaceable the magazine was in the market place – REAL ESTATE is looking amazing and finally the property industry has a voice that is not lead by a fraudster. #VAUGHANGATE

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    Voetsak Vaughn

    Why, why, why has no one had the guts to put this bully in his place? Are his constant threats so intimidating that his victims prefer to suffer in silence? Why have comments been deleted from this page? Is Vaughn threatening the author I wonder….. wouldn’t surprise me. Where is the law in all of this? SARS could have a field day with this guy. Time to put an end to this torment and send the man packing back to that little wet, dank, horrible island from whence he came.

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    This is really sad, I was one of the unlucky ones employed by Media Nova and went through this whole ordeal. This man nearly ruined me financially and I have been borrowing from Peter to pay Paul and so forth. I am so glad that someone had the guts to do something about this. As they say every dog has his day and hope he gets his day soon. How can anyone get away with this.

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    Tony Vaughn Mount – Your day will come

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    Another victim

    There may very well be news on this man very soon. Bullys bully until someone stops them and judged by the scores of bruised people popping up on this and other sites like Bizzcommunity – he may be very well advised to keep his several passports handy.

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    Wouldn’t be surprised if he is threatening people, he used to do it when I worked at Media Nova, both in his personal life and professional life. He needs to face the music!

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    He definitely had
    no qualms about resorting to the most disgusting and fraudulent methods to get
    his way. He has no conscience, trust me. He treated his mother like shit whilst
    she was still alive, he treated people like shit if he didn’t need them anymore.
    He will do anything to destroy someone both emotional, professionally in any
    way he can. How would he feel if he knew
    his children were without food and essential resources? He wouldn’t care – it’s
    not like he was easily and willingly paying his maintenance for his 3 children
    (with 2 different women) – he had to be
    threatened with legal action and court orders needed to be obtained to force
    him and even then his payments were late and not the correct amounts etc. He is a tyrant to say the least.

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    True, he is a fraudster of note

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    You are right, he has this uncanny ability to land on his feet every time. Tony has no mate on the inside, he is a bullshitter, that’s all.

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    You havent heard one good word about him because there are none – fact.He only cares about himself, trust me. And this sudden wedding seems fishy

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    He doesn’t care about his children, he abandoned them just like his dad abounded him. Can’t wait for him to pay up, feel sorry for his boys to have a father like this.

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    Desperate for more information on this story/him – if anyone has more info, please let us know. He needs to go down.

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    Funny, for a man who uses racial slurs and looks down on non-whites (openly)…

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    Because if someone does put him in his place this time his knees wont be in a temporary cast it will be in a permanent wheelchair. His created such a deep hatered and resentment in so many people that some people wish nothing but demise on this d**chebag!!!
    I for one hope to see him soon so i can kick him in the balls (not that he has any) but i would love to just let Ms Peters know just what an idiot her hubby dear really is. As for his kids that are subjected to having an idiot for a father BE GRATEFUL YOU ARE NOT EXPOSED TO HIM AT ALL!!! YOU MAY JUST BE TAINTED BY HIS BAD KARMA!!! After all the sin of the parent always falls onto the child.
    Shame poor kids and innocent mothers….
    Oh and Tony didnt you know that AIDS is a reality not a fairytale stop sleeping around making children and concentrate on being a better MAN and BUSINESSMAN!!!! Or maybe you are just better suited to sit on the back of a horse and cart pulling old cow crap around in your hometown!!! You worthless sack of WORM VOMIT!!!

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    What's in a name?

    Tony Mount became Tony Vaughan. Tony Vaughan became Anthony Vaughan. – What next? Anthony Peters??

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    Another victim

    Emma Johnson – his ex – and ex editor of sandton magazine – who had his baby very recently has been very quiet. Emma – we all hope you are OK!!!! Why did he change his name from Mount to Vaughan?

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    Another victim

    Correction. Not 3 children. The current tally is 4 by 3 women and number 5 due very soon by Faye.

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    his daughter is only weeks old by another woman and now Peters is due any day with his 5th child. What is it with this man and wtf do women see in him – why are they all so gullible?

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    Another victim

    Anthony Zuma?

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    His father’s surname was Mount, his dad left him and his mum, so Tony took on his mum’s maiden name, Vaughan. His full name is Anthony, he just goes by Tony though.

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    His father’s surname was Mount, his dad left him and his mum, so Tony took on his mum’s maiden name, Vaughan.

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    What??? I only knew of the 3 boys!! OMG!!

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    He is a charmer, knows how to use words to get what he wants.

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    So what happened to Adele Maritz then?

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    What happened to Adele Maritz then?

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    What happened to his previous ex, Adele Maritz then?

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    If anyone wants to talk about this/share information etc, I was also one of his victims and it’s helpful to know he is getting his due. You are welcome to contact me on – it will be strictly confidential of course. The same goes for Glenda, I have some inside info that I can share as well, and I’m sure there is information I can learn from other sources as well.

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    Another victim

    Mr Mount (sorry!!! Vaughan) can threaten and huff and puff – and make the people who aired this article remove and edit the comments from all his victims – but he can no longer contain the fact that his cover is blown wide open. The second meeting of creditors is in Cape Town High Court on Friday 23 August 2013 at 09h00. All bruised people and people who have monies owing are encouraged to attend. The liquidator is Mr Jurgens Steenkamp of KPMG. Now is the time to get in contact with him and file your claims and report all suspicions of wrongdoings perpetrated.

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    Another victim

    Holly its SUBSTANTIALLY more than that. R10 million is ONE creditor. Luckily there are numerous people giving the liquidators information. And on the criminal front -you will not be disappointed. The point to make is this – if you or anyone reading this have proof of criminal activity – LAY A CHARGE!!!. All the arm flapping in the world from the sidelines will not stop him.

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    We also got burnt, innocent supplier. He needs to be stopped….

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    I agree. People need to lay criminal charges ASAP. Vaughan is in possession of UK real estate that could cover a substantial amount of this debt. I mean substantial! There’s a reason why he tries to keep his assets offshore. But the fact is he owns it. He’s also lied to banks etc about his assets in the past. This in itself is fraudulent!

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    interested party

    A greater con artist than any who have walked this planet. He is the sleaziest low-life excuse for a man – NOTHING he does should surprise anyone – he is capable of ANYTHING – mark these words!

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    Any news on what went down this morning at the court??

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    Does anyone know what went down at the court this morning or what the status is of the liquidation as well as any other charges against Tony?

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    Polsmoor boutique hotel

    No news yet but the army of anti-Vaughan campaigners grows stronger. Hope just retribution prevails and he gets what he deserves ie 20 years in Pollsmoor with all the perks reserved for cowards of his type. In the meanwhile the evidence mounts ( no pun intended Tony Vaughan Aka Mount). Seems his real estate empire in London is where he’s stashing his cash…..

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    i totally agree with that comment. I’ve been in his presence many times when he used racial slurs

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    Relieved ex employee

    I worked at Media Nova as well and can say I’m not surprised by this at all! While I was there Tony did nothing but threaten his staff with endless (and unwarranted) warnings and did nothing to boost moral or even show his staff that they were valued. In fact he wasn’t at all concerned with his incredibly high staff turnover and never saw the value in keeping valuable staff members around. I’m so glad I got out of there before all this happened.

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