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    Herman Lategan


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    Llewellyn Kriel

    Ferial and I disagree on many things, but I am proud to share her unequivocal views on racism – ALL forms of it.

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    The readers who STOPPED subscribing to the City Press are ANC.

    Ms Not-Mandela is creating a big diversion and preparing an alibi for when she gets fired for losing the readership that the City Press used to have:

    “I was a victim of racism,” she will say.

    Not so.

    A victim of her own arrogance, more like.

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    Lyndon Johnstone

    Bravo. Brave woman of integrity! I salute you Ferial!

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    Daniel Teixeira

    Way to go Ferial, stand your ground, South Africa is with you!

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    Christina Pretorius

    Bravo Ms Haffajee

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    sandra gordon

    I have always admired her spunk, this is not the first time it has been on show and won’t be the last. Thank heavens for South Africans like her

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    “Blacks can’t be Racists” is in itself a racist statement. QED

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    Ant Duke

    GO GIRL…!!

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    Ant Duke

    We have to get used to the fact that if you are not black you are racist. Simple as that…!

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    We stand by our ringleaders!

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    At last, at last, at last

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    Wow! Thank-you for voicing the obvious! I couldn’t agree more.

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    Thank you Ferial, for taking a principled stand.

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    As a manager myself, I couldn’t beleive some of the things in Ferial’s letter. They really sound bizzare to come from a manager. You just don’t fight with your subordinates, you calm them down, seek solutions, include them (even if it’s just for show). Confrontation, especially with a group of subordinates, just doesn’t work for a manager. And why did she go to public platforms for things she should be taking charge of internally. I have a feeling that she doesn’t grasp that the whole thing now lies on her shoulder to resolve, including the public perceptions she created.
    Good luck to Ferial, but I have a bad feeling that this will not end well for her.

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    Liansky Bestenbier

    Haffejee, a well trained house n*gger defending the status quo. Well done Haf. You’re succeeding in transforming the City Press from a disgusting source of relevant information for black readers into a much more civilised bastion of protecting white privilege through mass misinformation and your usual brand of emotional instability.

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    Thank you, Mashudu.
    What Ferial Haffajee has done does not happen as management, for all the reasons that you have given. That is why it is so obvious that Ms Best-Editor-To-Lose-Most-Of-Her-Circulation is preparing an alibi. Being fired for a “principled stand” will look better on her CV than being fired for tanking the paper. Ferial Haffajee is not being honest.

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    Liansky Bestenbier

    Oh, by the way, I stopped reading the City Press when the house n*gger became editor.

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    Ai tog – here we are, in this place and we are still discussing race. Well done Ferial on an argument and position well stated. Now to all the South Africans who, by law, are entitled to their opionion I say this, – Our constitution guarantees equality for all in this country, all who are born here, on South african soil, who love this place. Be their skin colour different. What we need to seriously look at is not racism people, but elitism, An elitism my fellow previously disadvantaged South Africans knows no gender, skin colour or sex. There is the real ‘demon’ consuming the promice of a better life for all. As the father of our nation Madiba once said, “”I have fought against white domination, and I have fought against black domination. I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons will live together in harmony with equal opportunities. It is an ideal which I hope to live for, and to see realised. But my Lord, if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die.” Nelson Mandela, defence statement during the Rivonia Trial, 1964. Also repeated during the closing of his speech delivered in Cape Town on the day he was released from prison 27 years later, on 11 February 1990.
    I am an Afrikan, born here, going to die here – and racism is a shield behind which people hide behind when things don’t go their way. Blame and lack of resonsibility seem to be at the order of the day. The world out there beyond the african borders are passing us by and they are leaving us behind because we make excuses for everything we mess up. Again i SAY WELL DONE to you Ferial. Well done! Amandla! Freedom and equality for all.

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    Liansky Bestenbier

    In order to put into context what I wrote before, let me first post the speech of Malcom X: “There was two kinds of slaves. There was the house Negro and the field Negro. The house Negroes – they lived in the house with master, they dressed pretty good, they ate good ’cause they ate his food — what he left. They lived in the attic or the basement, but still they lived near the master; and they loved their master more than the master loved himself. They would give their life to save the master’s house quicker than the master would. The house Negro, if the master said, “We got a good house here,” the house Negro would say, “Yeah, we got a good house here.” Whenever the master said “we,” he said “we.” That’s how you can tell a house Negro.If the master’s house caught on fire, the house Negro would fight harder to put the blaze out than the master would. If the master got sick, the house Negro would say, “What’s the matter, boss, we sick?” We sick! He identified himself with his master more than his master identified with himself.”

    Now, it is obviously the case that I view Haffejee as the quintisential house negro, in the sense that her underlying instinct is to protect white wealth. This she did during her tenure as the editor of the M&G, a publication that was obsessed with disparaging anything that threatened the status quo. It was in fact the case that I stopped reading the City Press after Haffejee became its editor, and this was because I was not interested in reading a publication that is run by a person who resembles Malcolm X’s house negro. It is in fact no surprise that the comments below praising Haffejee is almost exclusively made by our white compatriots. She is recognised by them as having defended the status quo and as being the person that will continue to defend the status quo.

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    I rarely comment. This one however is worth one. BRAVO…!

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    I didn’t think of it that way! A refreshing way of looking at it…

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    It’s racist not to call a racist a racist when they are being racist. It’s all gone crazy in this country. The media is partly to blame here… they have been misusing meaning & abusing words to fit the headlines for deadlines. Malema & his cronies are blatantly the new nationalists; they are right-wing racist reactionaries. Just as most of JZ’s adminstration is. All hiding behind the facade of socialism & struggle. The land & its riches & resources belong to all who live on it. Finish ‘n Klaar.

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    “Misusing meaning & abusing words”. Now who does that remind me of? Oh! Right! Ferial Haffajee of course!

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    Hear, hear! As always, Ferial has the chutzpah to voice that which so many of us feel, but for which we would be branded – yup, racists – for speaking out on.
    ANY!!! form of discrimination/ classification/ estimation of a person based purely on the colour of a their skin is RACISM.
    As our dear leaders and their short-sighted followers are proving time and time again, black people ARE VERY MUCH equally capable of racism.
    Heck, they’re even willing to accuse Ferial – a black woman – of racism because she dares to set herself apart from their self-serving ignorant views!
    The oppressed do indeed become the oppressors…

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    Eric Jansen Van Vuuren

    Watch your back, whole families get wiped out by these kinda people.
    But wow!!! You have my vote if you ever stand for our first “lady-President”.
    In this day and age there should be healing not hate and then its mostly our leaders that spread the hate based racism.

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    Regardless of the fact that I agree with Haffajee, I do not understand why this dirty laundry needs to be washed in public? Surely it is an internal matter than can be dealt with in a quick and strict manner, in accordance with labour legislation. Furthermore, the tone of the parts quoted from the letter is extraordinarily self-important, sanctimonious, over-emotional, yet calculated. By taking an internal matter out in the open via Twitter (and how did the letter reach themedioaonline..?) and considering its tone, I can not help but wonder whether Haffajee is not using this issue to place herself in the limelight once again. Reminiscent of the Spear-saga. There is too much hubris here.

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    Eric Jansen Van Vuuren

    Dude put your phone down and pay attention to the teachers in the class room. We as South Africans need to act more in this manner,especially our leaders and captains of industry. To foster a sense of national pride and love for one another. The only downfall here is that it took so long before she made her line in the sand. Anybody who have a problem with what see said has got to go find professional help. You my friend need a helping hand. In this country there is enough people who do not want the current hate to perpetuate. We need more line I say.

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    “extraordinarily self-important, sanctimonious, over-emotional, yet calculated”
    That’s our Ferial Haffajee, all right.
    Every country gets the Ferials it deserves. Do we still deserve to have Ferial pontificating over us? No, we don’t.
    Go and write a book, Ferial. Or join the World Bank or something. Please don’t inflict yourself as an editor any more, at least not in SA.

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    Better idea (looking at the photo). Go to New York and become the new Anna Wintour / Tina Brown figure. Make millions. Have millions of adoring fans, instead of a few hundred. Go, girl.

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    Mark Turner

    You are a Leader, and Leaders must Lead. Your vision is inspiring. Your intolerance of all racism is needed today, as much as ever. South Africa will be a better place for everyone, thanks to you. I believe Mandela would be so proud of YOU.

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    Black empowerment IS racism. This woman is seriously misguided (saying nothing of her opinion of herself).

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    Well said I wish we had more of her calibre in our beloved country’s leadership.

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    I take my hat off to Ferial for standing up against what she feels is racism. And is subsequently dragging the newspaper backwards. However I cannot withstand the level of emotional instability in the letter. Which begs me to ponder on her leadership and management style. This does confirm some of my suspicions of narcissism in her supposed championing of transformation.

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    Expat X

    Surely dear writer it is “on my watch” and not under, it is “poppet” and not puppet, although that one could have been a delicious Freudian Llsp. English is developing indeed.

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    Expat X

    Oh yes, and of course, Racism is merely a pigment of the imagination.

  38. 38

    Expat X

    That was Lisp and not Llsp !

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    Crazy Fool

    How crashingly obvious. And how unsurprising that this has to be explained – the intellectual capacity of SA is at an all-time low. Maybe she should have drawn a picture.

    That being said, it is disingenuous for a person with a surname like Haffajee to claim that she is black. Stinks of AA to me – she herself has benefited from racial discrimination.

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    We covered racism and prejudice in psychology lectures. The answer is, yes Blacks can be racist, it is an equal opportunity worldview. Cognitively human beings are built to ‘categorize’ things in order to make sense out of a complex world. So as soon as anyone is put into groups you get an ‘in’ group and an ‘out’ group. Then of course ‘your’ group gives you identity and status, and we arrange our thoughts to making ‘our’ group better than ‘their’ group. This explains why racism is such a persistent and nearly universal phenomenon.

    We must all become more conscious of our thought processes. That in White South Africans still use the words ‘monkey baboon ape gorilla’ to make their points is just horrifyingly insensitive to other people’s hurt and humiliation and shows complete lack of awareness. Should Helen Zille ever become President I hope she throws such ungrateful morons into jail. They are ANC voting agents or complete retards because they achieve the exact opposite of what they are trying to achieve.
    Well done Ferial for your courage and leadership.

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    Petunia Peach

    Die dame pisssss my al vir ‘n geruime tyd af… asof sy nie besef wat in die land aangaan nie…. wat nogals hartseer is om van ‘n sogenaamde redakteur te verwag nie.

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    Indigo Blu

    Brilliant. Brilliant.

  43. 43


    You will find that Chester Missing is in fact a puppet.

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    Anna Majavu

    An absolutely appalling assault on the City Press journalists by The Media Online and by the City Press editor. The labelled journalists
    should seriously consider legal action. They are identified here by
    race and therefore can be publicly identified very easily.

    is unacceptable and actionable for any boss to reveal to the media what
    happened in an internal staff meeting, to identify them by race and
    length of service, to label them as “racists”, to make allegations about
    their personal financial affairs to a blogger and then to say they can
    quit if they want. This is more than enough grounds for constructive
    dismissal. It is also disgraceful that none of this is highlighted by
    the writer in this report.

    There are a number of editors who
    have been paid whopping salaries by corporate bosses in Media 24 and
    Times Media Ltd to push forward the decimation of the Black press over
    the past few years (Sowetan and City Press). It is no secret that senior
    Black journalists and editors with brilliant track records in both
    journalism and the struggle have been pushed out by any and all means
    necessary to make way for mainstream journalists of all races who will
    help remove any shred of Black Consciousness from those papers – this
    has been reported on widely (see former Sowetan deputy political editor
    Eric Naki’s articles in The New Age).

    This whole exercise is
    extremely racist in itself, and any editor being paid a whopping amount
    of money to drive it knows they are complicit. It is an act of racism to
    promote the plan concocted first by white South African businesspeople
    to do away with serious Black newspapers and feed the majority of Black
    readers superstition, gruesome crime, “mob violence” etc found in the
    Daily Sun, The Voice etc. Much scholarship on the Black press and
    diversity in the newsroom has revealed that the Black press is a vital
    part of the media since diversity initiatives, while necessary, often
    result in Black journalists being forced to frame news through the
    white, mainstream lens (or in this case not even being forced).

    Stories about “the first Black” to X, Y, Z often infantilise the whole
    Black community. Three years ago, Times Media Limited sent out a
    directive to journalists asking all of us to refrain from writing about
    the “first Black” to do this or that. The reason was simply that the
    stories were highly unlikely to be accurate because Black people had
    already done most of the things that it was being said they had never
    been done. How can it then be “racist” for City Press journalists to
    raise the same issue?

    Both the article and the comments by
    Ferial Haffajee are in fact so disturbing that I keep hoping the article
    and comments are satire. Comments about reverse racism/”reverse
    baaskap” that one would normally only hear from hardened rightwingers,
    and idiotic statements about newspapers that drive a “post affirmative
    action” agenda when it has already been well documented by the
    Employment Equity Commission, among others, that affirmative action has
    never taken place, are just so anti-intellectual that it is an assault
    to read them.

  45. 45


    I hated the National Party for its racist policies and I hate the ANC for exactly the same reason… Apartheid entrenched for the gain of cadre Blacks… And collective punishment for the Whites…

  46. 46


    Hi, Anna,

    Strong contribution, comrade.

    Can you advise? On TV last night there was mention of “criminal charges” being brought against Ferial. Some mistake, surely?

    All of what you write about constructive dismissal must be true, and there could be other civil claims, but not crime, surely?

    Ferial is not really an editor, but is rather a social climber who has latched on to journalism and editing. The only remedy for all that is for people to stop feeding her habit.

    Locking her up will be going a bit too far, don’t you agree?

    I’m not in favour of perp-walking Ferial into the criminal courts. “Hollywood” is just what she thrives on, anyway.

    Your thoughts?

  47. 47

    Anna Majavu

    Hi Domza, sounds like someone got mixed up since it isn’t a crime to suspend workers. Regarding the charges – hate speech? criminal defamation? Not sure which exact law/crime. But hopefully the journalists get a good lawyer to pursue this. I don’t think they can leave this at the CCMA level. Doubt there is any possibility at all that Ferial would end up in jail.

  48. 48


    All of the SA newspapers are a disgrace. The whole self-praising editorial establishment needs sweeping away, along with the stooge pundits like Harber and Moerdyk. The whole set-up stinks. Most important, people are not buying the papers they produce. They are killing their own industry. It’s time for humanitarian intervention and regime change, for sure.

  49. 49


    You sound very emotional and bitter, are you one of the journalists referred to??

  50. 50

    Also Burnt

    Fantastic article Glenda! And my sincere congratulations and applause to Ms Haffajee. Racism will remain racism regardless who tries to domonate who in the grounds of ethnicity. And fighting racism with racist laws – reverse discrimnation and a new form of “baasskap” as Mr Haffajee so aptly describes it – reminds of the old tastless adage – “fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity”!!!

  51. 51


    I have disagreed with Ferial on several occasions but in this instance, she is right. Racism is racism.
    I was disappointed when she backed down on the spear but after she received death threats, I understood as she was afraid for the lives of herself and her staff.
    I also disagreed with her when she accused us of racism on the Kanye Dhlomo affair because NEF funds were meant for disadvantaged to start a business and the money spent on the OTT launch of the shop was a slap in the face to the poor.

    I hope she sticks to her guns this time, tell those racist journalists to go and work for the New Age, ANN7 is out of the question as their staff were brought in from India.

    I have followed her career and writing for a long time and have had a great deal of respect for her.

  52. 52


    Go find another job, if you do not like her, leave and get another a boss who approves of racism. If you can’t find another job, start your own newspaper, hopefully your supporters and fellow racists will buy it.

  53. 53


    ANC members generally do not read, if they did, the New Age would have a better circulation!!!

  54. 54


    Well said Ferial!!!
    The problem in this CAWNTRY (as politicians say), is that, when one does not agree with another’s view in anything, they are branded a racist.
    We have a lot of growing up to do in our beloved country before we can disagree with maturity!!!

  55. 55

    malcomes gumede

    City Press is owned by Media 24 a big player in the media and corporate world focussing on protecting white monopoly capital. It will be naive to expect City Press to sing a song not in tune with their corporate masters. Liberation of the economy of this country must therefore be key to solve these problems. City Press and its editor cannot be independant from the owners of City Press. White business is pro DA and against the current government and the DA is currently in a fight back campaign.

  56. 56

    John Paterson

    You just missed that entire article, didn’t you?

  57. 57

    Jon Quirk

    It has always taken courage to talk truth to power, and Ferial I am proud to say has never been short on courage.

    And she is right; racism knows no colour boundaries and there are worrying trends not just, apparently in her newsroom, but certainly in our present government.

    Is it a coincidence that a UN report came out yesterday detailling that many of the worst countries for slavery today are in Africa.

    The price of true freedom is today, as ever it was, eternal vigilance.

  58. 58

    Cory Voigt

    Surprised sexism was not raised while they were about it!

  59. 59


    Don’t touch me on my studio.

  60. 60

    Vernon Smith

    What are we going to do with these black people?

  61. 61

    Vernon Smith

    Agreed 1000000000000%

  62. 62


    O tempora! O mores! O Ferial! O Dear!

  63. 63

    Allan R. Troskie

    … get out of here you bloody agent!

  64. 64

    Allan R. Troskie

    Disgusting comment! But seeing as how you seem to like Malcolm X so much, think about governments BEE policies and the noise being kicked around about transformation and land redistribution – all of this aimed against the minority in SA… and remember that Malcolm X said: “Truth is always on the side of the oppressed”

  65. 65

    Plea For Sanity

    Well said Ferial Haffajee:

    “We sail this ship by Constitutional values from now on and in the spirit of unity. I’m the captain and I choose my sailors. Let me refresh your minds on what this means. I am a practitioner of non-racialism and a public supporter of equity and black empowerment to reach that non-racial future. I am non-sexist and anti-patriarchy. I don’t think anyone‘s culture or religion is better than any other.”

    All supremacism is oppressive regardless of its colour,creed, gender, ideology or whatever else makes some believe they are indeed superior to others.

  66. 66


    she is very much an editor
    with the courage to defend truth

  67. 67


    You are all deceived, pro and anti alike.
    Look deeper, things are indeed black and white and a whole lot of grey in between.
    Sure, you must be thinking… Racist, but it isnt about colour this black and white, it’s about a simple concept since the inception of humanity… Good and evil.

    There is no one left among us that is good

  68. 68


    Rosa Luxemburg said “Freedom is always the freedom of those who think differently”.
    Ferial doesn’t think differently. Ferial can’t even hear people who think differently.
    That is why Ferial is a lousy editor, or in fact not an editor at all, but more like a censor. Ferial is a curator of stale, stock, standard thoughts, that have hung around like a bad smell for far too long. She is a snob. She is affected, to the extent that she is hardly comprehensible.
    That’s why when Ferial asked her staff to speak their minds and not to fear, she immediately forgot what she had said. Like so much of what she says, it was just a formula, for show, not meaning. When the people started to criticise, she was at first amazed, and then furious.
    This is what Ferial is. Not an editor.

  69. 69


    Why can’t there be 50 million more of you mrs Haffajee. I salute you with the likes of Desmond Tutu.

  70. 70


    I do not see how this article is artcile can even be called journalism. It is one sided and breaks the first rule of journalistic integrity; which is to write an article that has at least two sources in it, both with differeing views to the subject at hand.Clearly this was a friend doing a favour for another friend yeah?

  71. 71

    Liansky Bestenbier

    Go and play somewhere else boy. I am not interested in your emotional outbursts.

  72. 72


    seems like haffajee has appointed herself as queen of
    “shaking racist comfort zones.” this is the new south africa: to make
    it in the corporate world you have to be post-racial. and then you’ll
    definitely resonate with a well-resourced section of the population. but before
    i’m called racist, this isn’t as much about her as it is an attempt
    to problematise that line of reasoning. her intentions maybe genuine. that is,
    she might really be shaking racist comfort zones. but what is being racist and
    what is race? in the greater scheme of things, and especially as a contribution
    to public collective understanding, the stance is not progressive. i think it
    might even be anti-black. to talk race (as dinsticnt from being racist), on
    terms other than liberal (i.e. post-racial), in post-apartheid south afrika’s
    public sphere is judged racist. and this only stifles genuine reflection: which
    city press “black” journalist now dare speak/write on race openly and
    frankly? and herein is my contention: the inability to speak about your
    suffering (whether perceived or real) as imposed by superstructures (“you
    are racist”), leads to a double consciousness, which can be psychotic…
    and you ask what is wrong with “black” south afrika?

  73. 73


    Domza, wake up, there is a revolution brewing and it will not be started by educated people like you. You out of touch with the masses. You either willingly, or out of informed ignorance, tend to ignore the fact that racism is out there and it is every colour on every colour depending on who’s living room you find yourself in over any particular weekend. Try to tell me you don’t agree with that while you saying your prayers tonight or early tomorrow morning.

  74. 74


    Damn, you one boring **shole. Just say what you want to say. Should i copy and paste Goethe, Jung or critics of both to argue your point? You quote the word Negro in a X speech, then you call Ms Haffejee a Negro? Please, put down that bulb in your hand immediately. Yes, the one that you sucking like a pipe. That stuff is not good for you. Put is down and please stay away from a keyboard for at least three weeks.

  75. 75


    You have to admit, the colour of the pigment was white for a long time. At least be sensitive about that. ” Reader, suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress, But i repeat myself ” if you going to be sarcastic, at least follow Mark Twain’s advice

  76. 76


    calculated crap. THINK

  77. 77


    Mr Journalist. Forget about the article. Proceed henceforth to only read the words in quotes. Those are the words uttered by Ms Haffajee. Then hit a 360 and post another comment, but only after you are able to repeat the words without reading it from your notes

  78. 78


    I am Hopeful that if i print out your comments and read it to the laymen(women) in the street, they will not all have question marks all over their faces.

  79. 79


    Expat, can you just keep on counting the spelling mistakes for us and also please QA the grammar for us while we trying to digest the importance of the message. Dnt rply on this, only pst once yu’ve cllected all the errors. U dng a Gr8 job.

  80. 80

    Liansky Bestenbier

    Read Jung many years ago. Can’t remember what he wrote. Just remember not being very interested in what he wrote. Probably just read a chapter then returned it to the library (that is the place where we went to get books before the advent of Google and Kalahari).

  81. 81


    and Domza and Dave Harris and Jim Smith and Stone Sizani and Jackson, and Julius and MacFibber and JZ783 and many many more… #ProudlyLiedByZANC

  82. 82


    “Ferial is not really an editor”

    Which is why she was appointed to M&G from which she was headhunted to CP where circulation and credibility have climbed.


  83. 83


    1 Why don’t you and your comrades start one then? (Newage and SABC don’t count)?
    2 How many votes did the SACP get in the last elections?

  84. 84


    If she (or her rag) offends you so much, stop reading City Press.

    There’s always Newage.

  85. 85


    “Can’t remember what [Jung] wrote.”
    That makes sense.

    It also explains your stream of unconscious.

  86. 86


    If you want to comment on an English-paper editor, try writing in English. Maybe people will understand you.

  87. 87


    Malcomes tried to think about it, but nothing happened.

  88. 88

    Liansky Bestenbier

    Now I know why I did not like Jung. He wrote garbage that resonates with the less intelligent members of society that believes in new age spiritualism, Why don’t you run along and find a rock to put on your forehead.

  89. 89


    Ferial Haffajee didn’t wreck the M&G. That was done earlier, by Howard Barrell. Haffajee’s job was to keep it wrecked, which she achieved.

    As for the City Press’s circulation, it’s a disaster. Check out the report from May this year. Its highlight was:

    “Super bad news for City Press – it saw its circulation fall to 118,547 from 163,705 (and down from 126,400 in Q4 2012). When will the turnaround strategy actually, you know, turn things around?”

  90. 90


    Yep, you still are clueless about what he wrote, not that it stops YOU from writing.
    (I am not a New Ager. Neither was Jung. He did value different cultures equally, though)
    Talking of less intelligent members of society, first you cannot remember what one of the most influential writers wrote, then you recall it was garbage. You need an Jungian analyst.

  91. 91

    Liansky Bestenbier

    Well actually, I do not remember what he wrote but I do know why I disliked it. I remember this because prior to that, I read Freud and I loved the logical and scientific way he put together arguments (the same kind of logic applied by people like X). However, Jung was focused on abstract concepts of spiritualism which did not appeal to me because I am a man of science, not hocus pocus. You on the other hand quite obviously love this new age spiritualism of Jung, a pseudo-scientists who is akin to the guy that says that moon rocks will cure cancer. Should I explain what I wrote in simpler terms or are you following the logic?

  92. 92


    Reporting the subsequent (2nd 2013) Quarter, Marklives wrote:

    “Look at, for example, this decline in City Press’ copy sales (the papers sold on the street and in shops, and a good dipstick of reader sentiment) year-on-year: 115 733 in Q2 this year compared with 142 413.


    City Press is in the “Titles Showing Largest Decline” list. It’s the headline item (“Yowzer!”) of the whole Marklives article.

  93. 93


    Zonke, questions that prejudice/racism is built into human beings? It really is. Think about it. Globally we all know it is bad and results in horrors, like Nazi Germany, the Japanese treatment of the Chinese and Koreans, and Rwanda, yet it wont go away. Therefore, the discovery that it is built into the way we think and organise information is important. What should we do with this knowledge.

    Or are you questioning that I think insulting White people should be thrown into jail! I am White and I am tired of their small minded hatred and their conviction that the ANC is the worst thing that has ever happened! They give all Whites a bad name.

  94. 94


    Sounds like a gutsy person, but that is what it is going to take if South Africa is going to get anywhere near where the dream was for getting rid of apartheid. There is still the fight against corruption which threatens to strangle the birthing democracy. There is still racism, be it white or black. Both are going to have to work successfully together if South Africa is going to overcome its problems and succeed.

  95. 95


    Bravo, an editor with balls, brains and character. Now if only theSundays Times had some with this much steel in her spine.

  96. 96

    AZilba Fotografika

    Bravo, an editor with balls, brains and character. Now if only the Sundays Times/AbusaL had someone with this much steel up their spine.

  97. 97

    Michael Hall

    With people/Editors like this, then there is hope for South Africa

  98. 98

    Roxanne du Plessis

    Salut and Amen to that. I was beginning to worry our country lacked brave leaders (in whatever industry), but it’s out there! That was Tata Mandela’s message. Unity. To quote Haffajee: ‘If you don’t like it, lump it’

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