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    Mynard Slabbert

    Fantastic article Glenda!!!. Many thanx for exposing this man! One can only hope that future business partners will benefit from this knowledge and background. Your work have made a lot of very abused people feel much better. Thank you. Mynard Slabbert

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    THANK THE LORD!!!!! This has finally errupted into what Tony thought he could run away from!!! I wonder how he could afford to move overseas but is so “broke” please DO NOT GIVE THAT MAN A BELLS!!! His lies are pathetic to say the least!! left me and my family in a state of disrepair with no income because he was a coward!!!

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    As a former employee, who too has not been paid for work done, all I can say is, let him sit, he deserves to rot in jail. When that day comes, every cent he owes me will be well worth it. He has no respect for his fellow man and is a self-centred bafoon. He has left a wake of unhappy people ( and a few children ) behind. They, and I, deserve some sort of justice.

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    The sad thing is that Vaughan has been allowed to leave the country. It’s too much to ask for that he be extradited. .. At least with the arrest warrant he will not be able to move freely in this country. Well done Glenda for a great series of articles. .. Let’s hope that eventually justice will be served. . If not Tony’s privates on a plate. ..

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    I don’t think they acted quickly enough, they knew he was in the possession of 2 passports and allowed him to leave even though he was an obvious flight risk. let’s hope by some small chance he is still here….you can run Tony but you can never hide

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    Also Abused

    I love the part about him not being able to support his family!!! 5 Children by 4 women. Where does this leave Leanne Cox? As his accounting officer, did she not have a duty to report if she suspected (or should have reason to suspect) creative accounting? Can she incur criminal liability too?

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    Herman Lategan

    Well done Glenda. The man should be put on trial.

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    Mynard Slabbert

    Herman it will be surprising to see if he returns – voluntarily that is. CTP Printers also has a judgement with costs against him. He now faces criminal charges in 2 countries and debt exceeding R10 million. No wonder he ran away.

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    I had to work for this piece of scum to only not get paid and still owed over 2 months worth of my salary… I’m still in huge debt because of this. I hope he rots in jail and if not in our country, I hope karma bites him hard.

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    Ex employee

    @vaughantony and @fayepeters still tweeting…

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    Mount Neverest

    So, Vaughan leaves a trail of destruction, deceit and destitute employees while he ducks off to greener pastures to be reunited with his cash stash, neatly squirreled away in the UK (just a guess…). its a sad indictment of the SA legal system that he should get away it all. Instead of smugly sipping champers in the south of France he should be in Pretoria Central being probed and prodded by the rough hands of justice. But, all is not lost…there are rumours of more charges and a civil case pending and he can run but he can’t hide…. One things for sure – Vaughan won’t be coming back in a hurry – which is a pity, because he’d have a quite an impressive welcoming committee if he did.

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    Does anyone know which country he is in now?

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    Leanne Cox is just as guilty as what he is. She is partly too blame for my non payment and was merely Tony’s puppet. She had been cooking the books for a long time, surely if you have any business ethics you would walk away from that situation.

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    Mount Neverest

    Probably UK. Apparently he owns a string of luxury properties there. Hopefully some of them are under water…

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    Mount Neverest

    Very good point Justin! Leanne Cox is complicit and knew what she was doing. I bet she could be a lot more helpful in unraveling the mystery of the missing millions if she had half a conscience! Time to come clean Leanne….

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    Mount Neverest

    ….and there’s more. Apparently Vaughan has left his minor kids in SA destitute and without maintenance. If his own family can’t trust him…..who can??

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    Tony Vaughan and Faye Peters are in Australia…

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    tony you prick

    Nope. UK.

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    tony you prick

    THis comment has been removed in terms of TMOL policy.

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    Also Abused

    What a can of worms this article has opened!!!First The Media Online, then The Sunday Times, Drum Magazine and News 24 – all in one weekend. Vaughan is hogging the lime light once again!!! International fame at last!!!

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    Leanne Cox was the most recent Finance Manager, don’t think she knew what she was letting herself in for. Why do you think Trish left – because she was fed up with Tony’s shit and knew where it was headed.

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    First of all – EXCELLENT article Glenda!!! Your work
    is superb and you are bringing a man to book who has harmed so many others. We would all love to be updated on events and developments.

    Would love to know what the chances are of him being extradited? Knowing Tony, he has probably gone to the UK because he has (had?) his mom’s house there as well as about another 4 or 5 properties he was renting out. He doesn’t have properties or assets in Australia, does have family though. UK he has a place to stay with possibly a bit of money to get by? Also, I wouldn’t discount him actually being in SA whilst saying he has left the country – remember to not trust a word this man says! He could be under our noses! I would love to check phone records for him and Faye. Surely if Faye is with him, apart from their baby, she would take her young daughter with her, so that child’s father has to know where that child is at all times?

    One should be able to check bank transactions etc as well not so?

    Also, interesting questions being raised about Leanne Cox the Finance Manager, I don’t think she would have questioned him or stood up to him. He was too much of a bully and tyrant – this is a fact, people kept working for him because they needed jobs, otherwise no one would have stayed. Someone I would like to know more about would be his right hand man in the final days – Mark Pettipher who was the “General Manager” and who presumably would have gotten involved in some of Tony’s dirty dealings – does anyone know what happened there etc?

    Another person I would love to speak to would be his PA at the time Media Nova crashed – she would know whether his mom’s property in the UK was sold as well as whether her estate paid out etc. She would also know the status of his properties in the UK etc.

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    Also Abused

    Family in Aussie too? Ex wife & a few kids perhaps? An address on him would be nice… Sure the local UK press would appreciate to know about their new neighbor’s illustrious past.

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    Also Abused

    How long should it take a professional accountant to figure out what the real deal is??? And when you realise there are irregularities, surely one has a duty to act. Not so?? If it is the case that Media Nova clients were indeed invoiced by TGE Media, thus piling up the debt in Media Nova and stripping the income and assets away to TGE, and if this went on for a long time – it begs the question how long one can claim ignorance? If that same accountant then sees that the copies promised to advertising clients, and the actual copies printed does not correspond by a long margin, is there not a duty to act??? I have sympathy for Leanne being in the dark initially – one can reason that it takes time to see the whole picture – but what is a reasonable time to remain ignorant? My concern for Leanne is that her loyalty and attempts to protect her boss will backfire on her. Spectacularly. Bearing in mind that she did not get a Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free airline ticket to join the rest of the clan…

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    abused too

    Ja – I agree wholeheartedly. There’s simply no excuse as a professional person – aka qualified book-keeper/accountant – to turn a blind eye on blatant financial irregularities. Both Trish and Leanne are/were mired deep in this mess with TV! They both have much more to contribute – but they are desperately covering their tracks… Which is a pity because sooner or later one or both of them may end up paying the price for their employer…. Perhaps now is the time to stand up and be counted Leanne?

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    He has a cousin in Aus if I’m not mistaken – in Canberra. The ex wife and 2 kids are in the UK for sure – as is/was his mom’s property, her estate, as well as about 4 or 5 other properties he owned.

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    Wouldn’t call them “luxury” really. There was his mom’s house, which was part of her estate, and then about 4 or 5 other properties he owned but still had mortgages on. Not luxury at all, but still.

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    Basically I would like to find out if there is an “investigating officer” at SAPS that I can contact as I might have some information – anyone know perhaps?

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    Contact Maynard Slabbert – he knows everything about the case!

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    He’s definitely in the UK but trying to cover his tracks. I suspect he may have originally left the UK under similar circumstances before ending up here to con the unsuspecting. I bet he’s trying to avoid too much public profile in the UK in case his past gets dredged up there. Would make a nice little story for one of the smutty rags in the UK to pick up on….just a thought.

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    Tony you prick

    No tweet tweeting from Tony for a while… The little ‘jailbird’ has been unusually quiet for the past few days. Hope you’re having a good time in ‘blighty’ Mr Mount. They say the weather has improved and with some luck you’ve off-loaded a few properties and bought that little Aston Martin your missus is hankering after. We’re all thinking of you here in sunny South Africa. If you ever think of coming back, we’ve reserved a cosy little spot for you at Pollsmoor – they have a grand view of the Steenberg vineyards, apparently. Oh, and by the way,….the room service here is like nothing you’ve ever experienced in your life…largely because until now its been you dishing it out to others. Karma beckons you, Mr Mount….

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    May I ask where you saw the comment about the
    Aston Martin? It sure does seem as if they have been acting oblivious to all of
    this. I mean, there was a comment on Faye’s twitter about the journo not
    getting her name right – and I really think she ought to be worried about a lot
    more than the spelling of her name! Pffft

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    Also Abused

    O, dont you fret my friends. The schoolyard bully who got well and truly thumped – to the extent that running away was his only option, is following EVERY WORD here. The silence on the tweeting is only them hoping not to be found too quickly. I’ll put up a papsak (sorry – a bit tight in the piggy bank dept, thanx Mountneverest) for the first person to publish their new address here. I am sure their local press would be delighted to learn of their new friends’ glorious past in the Colonies.

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    Mount Neverest

    ha – now that’s a challenge worth pursuing. I wonder if his ex in the UK has any clues to his whereabouts? Anyone know who she is? Perhaps Tish or Leanne or Mark or his other ‘close associates’ (who are, not surprisingly, very, very quiet) know here his properties are located… I DO LIKE the idea of putting the UK press on to tracking him down. They have a nose for this sort of thing and since he is reputed to have ‘escaped’ to SA in the first place, they’re sure to be curious as to why he’s come back. @ #Vaughangate – check Faye Peter’s Twitter feed from a few weeks ago….

    I must add that I’m curious about something: Tony are you changing nappies and doing the 3am feed or is poor Faye left to hold the baby while you plan your next big vanishing act? You certainly have an astonishing track record in this department…..

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    Where is justice?

    I just seen this – hectic!! Vaughan is a total fraud. As for that Faye Peters on her Twitter feed she ‘thanks’ journos for ‘adding to her brand.’ Do these people live in a parallel universe?? How is it that your husband owing millions and living off other peoples money for years, ruining people financially and emotionally, and not even caring for his children can be seen as some sort of a brand-building exercise?? You are living off the spoils stollen from others so stop being so pretentious.

  36. 36

    Also Abused

    If that is her real feeling on this – seeing this as a brand building excersise – they are a match made in heaven. I had such a different take on her… Oh well, then the newlyweds are probably high on the Agliotti / Selebi / Sheik Christmas Card list too….

  37. 37

    Also Abused

    We know of two toddlers he left in SA – no Daddy in attendance there, so what are the odds of him changing nappies now? On the other hand – it may be a novel experience to try your hand at with your 5th kid…

  38. 38

    Also Abused

    Cant vouch for the correctness of all of this, but that Papsak is such an inspiration – so here goes: A Vaughan seems to have been a director of at least 8 unsuccessful
    companies in the UK. The UK site below refers. He claims he was at Level Five
    for 4 years and 11 months on his SA LinkedIn profile (“Tony Vaughan”),but it seems it eventually became three companies which went bust in 2006 & 2008. Does any of this sound familiar??? Media Nova – becomes TGE Media become Executive Publishing etc etc. His address seems to have been 49 Frinton Road (this was apparently his mother’s property that subsequently became his after her death in 2009 when he was living in SA). If you check the links you will see that there is an Anthony Vaughan (b. 1930) mentioned towards the bottom and a Doreen Rose Vaughan (his mother) in the other company (she was also a director of Rundata – another of his ventures):





    Check this for lost directorships. It’s the best summary of his UK business dealings so far:


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    Strange that this story has gone cold – does anyone have any updated or new info about what’s going on maybe?

  40. 40

    Also Abused - now just Amused

    The latest is that the trumpted up criminal charges against Joseph Pilate for the alledged assault was dropped. Joseph apparrently went to Mount Nevergate one night to beg for his money, got assaulted for his troubles (no racial motive I’m sure) and then got charged FOR assault!!!! Charges against Joseph was withdrawn last week, as the star witness seems to be indisposed and with a spot of bother of his own 🙂

  41. 41


    Dear Anthony

    Your very, very
    amusing letter to the Master of the Cape High Court has caused quite a stir!
    And the debate it has sparked, would’ve done Jacob Zuma proud!!!

    So first things
    first: We are DYING to know – Aussie or the UK? Koalas or fish & chips?
    See, we are pretty much divided into two camps here – the one lot has their
    money on the UK. Their reasoning is that the UK is where you still have some
    assets stashed away, and presumably also the proceeds from your recent sale of
    that one 200K (British Pounds that is) property, in spite of the Business
    Partners surety that they hold over your personal assets. (But hey – a deed of
    surety is a very pliable thing, right?)

    We’ve checked – it would appear as if it has
    slipped your mind to tell Business Partners of that last sale. Tsk, tsk, tsk…These
    things happen – the transfer happening so close to the festive season and all!

    Then the argument
    gets supported by the premise that the UK is familiar stomping grounds in terms
    of doing – well – “business” – in the loosest possible sense of the word, and
    that your one recently acquired sprog was observed attending a British school in
    Josie before the great escape.

    The other camp
    say: “Nay” – It stands to reason that with 5 odd liquidated companies, and a
    name change in the UK, there will presumably also be people there not adverse
    to altering your sense of happiness and well-being a tad – and who may still be
    inclined to bring your level of general happiness to the same level as theirs. So
    Aussie gets the vote there.

    So, as you can
    see, the suspense is palatable. We don’t suppose an address of your new digs is
    possible? No? No matter – as we speak there is already some sniffing around. Poor
    mans’ version of Spot the Piggy.

    Your bold style –
    to FIRST skip the country, and THEN to inform the authorities – well some in
    any case – also did not go unnoticed. We don’t suppose you also informed the
    Police that you find sticking around to face the criminal charges – both
    current and those soon to be added to the charge sheet – inconvenient, did you?
    And what was the liquidator and Master thinking??? Have they no concept of
    “inconvenient”??? Ask Devani. These Africans, darrem. Summonsed to an inquiry, nogal. The impertinence…They OBVIOUSLY don’t
    know WHO you are…

    You have
    undoubtedly learned that the Master of the High Court have authorised that a
    warrant for your arrest be issued. So upon your return to South Africa – FREE,
    yes FREE!!!!! transport from the airport customs to the place where informal
    proctology is practiced is a given! Again – more savings on accommodation &
    chow! Remind you of the old trade exchanges you grew so accustomed to?

    Your next inquiry
    hearing is 4 June. Tickets are selling fast – only standing room left – oh, and
    two more hotdog concessions. PLEASE tell us if you’re putting in an appearance?
    (See, the bookies are taking serious bets, and a spot of help for a change will
    really not go amiss!!!)

    Another aspect
    that has many an inquisitive mind pondering, is the lot to befall your trusted
    book keeper who you left standing alone to answer for many an innovative
    transaction. There we must admit the two camps stand as one. Bets are that you
    declined to buy her a ticket to NeverNeverLand, and that she will soon bear the
    brunt of your bitter disappointment in her, followed shortly by accusations of
    her incompetence and fraudulent intentions? Mmmmm? One simply cannot get decent
    help these days, eh, Old Chap? On the other hand – she did show up at the
    inquiry to face the music, you did not. A tad harsh, would you not agree, old

    On a more
    personal note, one lot postulates that your going through customs on the SA
    side, – making for new Happy Hunting Grounds may have been a rather … emotionally
    intense … moment for you? As one ex colleague of yours put it – had someone
    stuck a pipe up your arse during transit, we would have had quite a collection
    of washers now!

    The other aspect
    of your letter that brought a tear to many a weary eye, was your commendable written
    commitment to support and care for “your family”.

    But in all
    honesty – it was more your definition
    of who exactly your family is, that made all of us take a serious second look
    at our current family ties. Holy CRAP! The savings to be had!!! We never
    realised that family deserving of one’s support offers that much wiggle room!
    Have 5, pay for 1. Eish! Many of us will be making inquiries as to the
    possibility of a refund from the kids and wives we have supported thus far.
    Thanx for the tip!!!!!

    It would appear
    that the mother of your (what is it 5th??) child on whom you benevolence
    currently shines, and her immediate offspring, makes the cut – for support
    considerations. In a manner of speaking.

    The mothers of
    the rest of your children, who have since declined to participate in the
    happiness of Mr Happy, presumably on the grounds that you are attached to the
    other end of it, and their offspring,… well – as they say in the classics – tough shit. Literally. Your economics
    and sense of fairness never fails to inspire and astound. But hey – no 5 &
    6 seems to be catered for – for now in any case. With funds belonging to your
    creditors by most accounts.

    Also – your
    cunning way of getting the wretched maintenance seeking monsters off your back,
    by slapping a protection order on them, was simply brilliant!!! On the presumption that you made the UK your
    new home and place of innovative commercial activities, we wonder – can the mom
    of your two sons who is currently living there be expecting a protection order
    any time soon? You know – kinda like a pre-emptive strike?

    By the way –
    Emma’s baby. By all accounts your No 4. Born not 6 months before No5. Boy or
    girl? Any ideas? Ever got a name? Or a date of birth? Address even? How about a
    photograph? Surely you have one in your wallet – at least? Care to share?

    Your stated
    intension to return to Africa, has brought hope and a bright moment in many of
    our bleak, desperate and somewhat economically challenged lives. Please don’t
    forget to let all of us know when you will grace us with your company again.
    Depriving us of your company in such hurried fashion was simply ghastly! Sies

    We find much
    consolation in the fact that we have not heard the last of you. Unless of
    course you do yet another name change – (ZUMA has been suggested by some – both
    for the patriotic ring, and number of offspring in a rather varied gene pool) You
    will let us know, right?

    Well, that is it
    for now.

    (Pick one)

    G’Day, Mate!

    Goodbye Old Chap.

    Shap, Chief!

    Your ever amused
    ex-colleagues, ex-friends, creditors, and generally massively outta-pocket

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