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    Another victim

    Whilst “working tirelessly” Mr Vaughan (or is it Mount?) took holidays in Mauritius, Japan with Emma Johnson – mom of his 3 month old child – and in SA’s top hotels – almost all on “barter agreements”. He offers editroial to the unsuspecting establishments, and indeed publishes some or all of them – the only rider is that he then does not pay his printers or staff for the actual magazines produced to – so in effect he gets his creditors to pay for his extravagant globe hopping lifestyle. In December 2012 it was a holiday to Australia. If a director and company owner can not pay for creditors on own admission since 2009 – it stands to reason that such a person should AT LEAST tighten their belts and cease the reckless trading parctices – which amounts to nothing but FRAUD.

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    Vaughan cannot be trusted any further than a four year old can spit. It really is amazing how he screws people over, and then turns around to play the poor victim.

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    I strongly suspect, knowing this man as I do, that the only thing he is working tirelessly on is saving his own backside!!! He’s a criminal – bottom line. And he tries to weasel out of things by saying “I’m not aware of this, I’m not aware of that!” Trust me – he’s fully aware!

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    What an awful legacy to leave behind… (it’s a blessing in disguise for his kids he has deserted)

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    Your grammar leaves a lot to be desired, and there are words missing in sentences in most paragraphs. Otherwise, a good article.

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    Thanks Lyall. Fresh eyes on the copy sorted out the oopses!

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    I am sure the printers did the right thing. Having worked in the print trade I am sure he was way more than an irritation!

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    Another victim

    Ultra Litho Printing – who printed the last couple of issues of Sandton magazine, can testify that (a) they are owned money by vaughan for 2 outstanding issues, and that (b) vaughan printed substantially less magazines than advertised on his rate cards, and what advertisers were lead to believe they had brought. That is classic fraud and misrepresentation. Period. Best part is that he pulled EXACTLY the same stunt in his new TGE than in Media Nova SA (in liquidation) – promising advertisers X copies, printing Y, and not paying the printers with whom he negotiated terms! Reckless trading and fraud 101. Presumably he will be as “happy” – as he puts it – to” work with” his creditors, defrauded advertisers and SAPS on that issue.

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    Another victim

    What a laugh! Not in a gazillion years will vaughan recover R3,500,000 in outstanding debtors in Media Nova SA!!!. The reason is simple: He did not inform advertising clients that he had systematically reduced the print run on The Property Magazine. Advertising clients placed adverts based on the expectation and agreeement that the amounts as per rate card were indeed printed by vaughan. Not only do many not owe Media Nova a cent, they have claims for damages!!! Advice to every advertiser who receive an invoice from vaughan and co – check with Leanne Cox – vaughan’s book keeper when you receive invoices, and demand to see proof of how many The Property Magazines were indeed printed in the month your ad was published. Compare that with the rate card you had at the time, sit back, and relax, and invite them to sue for the money.

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    True, anyone who nhas dealt with this man will know that he often denies knowledge of something, but it’s all bull….Criminal – should be in jail!

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    That is very true – he often bartered accommodation and trips etc but then the editorial was never published, and he KNEW that it would never be published – that’s fraud, full stop. The question is – can someone take him down?

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    True – he tried everything possible to try and inflate circulation figures etc to entice advertisers,even being dishonest didn’t bother him.

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    When the first liquidation
    application papers by CTP Printers were served on Tony in Cape Town (look on
    the internet //
    he gave instructions for it to be locked in a filing cabinet and for the staff
    not to be told about it. But officially the court roll was on the internet and
    soon staff found out. He had no qualms about trying to hide this from his
    staff, he let them carry on working, and he kept up his lifestyle – he
    DEFINITELY participated in reckless trading and operating the business. He
    bought clothes, ties, gifts etc on the company account – even his rent, vehicle
    repayments and insurance was all paid by the company.

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    Another victim

    The liquidator may want to speak to Tish – that lovely lady at accounts before leanne took over. Presumably she had to bat a LOT of questions on his dealings. Shanee Smart would also be a great resourse – she had to fend for him high & low and has good knowledge of his lifestyle paid for byvothers while the companies were going down the crapper

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    Another victim

    As recently as Dec 2012 he ordered Jenni to organise him a honeymoon on barter agreements – not with the current wife

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    Another victim

    Here’s the rub: If advertisers paid for X copies as per rate card, and he willingly skimped and printed only half, he defrauded his clients.If he continued to print run after print run at his printers, knowing he did not (a) have the sales to pay for it and (b) that his own lifestyle was taking the toll too – he was reckless and fraudulent. taking something from a supplier and knowing you do not have the means to pay for it is theft. More criminal charges from suppliers are following soon – stay tuned.

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