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    Herman Lategan

    I’ve heard from more than one top journalist that Anthony (Tony) Vaughan was impossible to work for. IMPOSSIBLE.

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    Also Burnt

    Fantastic article Glanda!!! Thank you for excellent journalism, and for doing much to limit continuing damages to other people’s busineses and livelihoods by exposing this man!!! What is ASTONISHING, is that he continmued to scam printers with seemingly the same strategy he used with Paarl and CTP Printers to the tune of Rmillions – AFTER being put into liquidation!!!!

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    Mount Neverest!

    Many if not all of Anthony Vaughan’s (aka Tony Mount) ex-employees are following this saga very closely in the hope that swift and appropriate justice will soon prevail. It is a sick and perverse irony that Vaughan, in attempting to seek leniency from his creditors and sympathy from the industry, would cower behind statement such as this: “….harsh and insensitive towards the fate of our employees and our ongoing attempts to satisfy the amounts owing”. Vaughan has NEVER had the interests of his employees (or anyone else) in mind while has masqueraded around as a self proclaimed international media mogul, riding rough shod over all and sundry in the process. While his creditors have the both the balls and wallets to take him on in court, it is the little people that he should fear the most. There are plenty of skeletons rumoured to be rattling around in dark cupboards waiting to be unleashed….

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    Cock 'n Bull

    Herman – Impossible to work for and seemingly impossible to live with too! Judging by recent reports in the media, Vaughan has been behaving badly on the domestic front too (see Heat Magazine, etc. – fathering children with different mothers faster than a laboratory rabbit. And all the while he’s been suckering the gullible printing industry to finance his lavish, jet-setting life-style…..Now, eventually, the chickens are coming home to roost. Wonder what cock ‘n bull he’ll conjure up next?

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    Ducking off?

    There are rumors of millions siphoned off shore – UK or Australia. Don’t be surprised if he runs when the heat becomes unbearable.

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    Gerrie Prinsloo

    Wow, I also just read: // – man this guy is pulling the ring! Cant belief he has gotten away with this stuff repeatedly.Keep us posted Glenda, I look forward to reading about justice soon. To the rest of the industry- wake up and dont get caught with your pants down!

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    Also Burnt

    The case number for the CTP Limited judgment against Anthony Vaughan is
    13649/13 (South Gauteng High Court). Seems like the first judgement has been handed down for R300,000 + costs.

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    Also Burnt

    The CCMA have just awarded several of Mr Vaughan’s ex employees a years salary each for unfair dismissal. Hats off to those brilliant hard working people who refused to be bullied!!!

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    Will be glad to see this shyster receive his come-uppance… there’s a bunch of photographers out there who have also not been paid.. well done Glenda! Keep us posted on developments.. we’re keen to see blood flow…

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