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    Martin Hesse

    It would be interesting to know to what extent internet radio stations pay royalty fees on the music they play. These form a large part of a conventional radio station’s costs. By rights, on any piece of music aired for public consumption, there must be a royalty payment to the composer, administered by SAMRO here in SA.

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    Gashouse Radio

    Definitely agree, I see crazy inflated numbers constantly. But that doesn’t mean that Internet Radio isn’t competing with FM. Yes FM numbers are higher, but how do we measure listener interest?

    FM listeners get in their cars, and its instant connection. Internet radio listeners have to go through a few steps to connect to their stations. My station’s avg listening time is 93 minutes, and our audience is extremely engaged with the current show; it’s not just background noise for the commute.

    We never discuss “listener numbers” because that’s not the important stat. Social media engagement, avg session length, etc. These numbers can be monetized. Comparing the “number of listeners” is comparing a new technology with an old one.

    Just wait until internet access in vehicles is the norm.

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    Gashouse Radio

    Martin, any station that has a significant number of listeners is most likely paying licensing fees, or its a short matter of time before they are closed down.

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