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    Hi Ann, thanks for this – great piece. Of course, am a bit biased in saying so as much of what you argue for is what we’re trying to do at Libertine! We launched in the UK in April this year (iPad and print) and the reaction we’ve had certainly proves a frustration with what’s currently in the ‘women’s interest’ section – particularly where science and tech are concerned.

    Of course, our challenge will be sustaining the quality in the face of pressure from advertisers, whose content unfortunately often undermines the positive messages in the editorial. This is why we’re actively looking to alternative business models – events, retail and the like – so that this doesn’t happen. It’s early days, so watch this space!


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    Respect Ann. You drummed into me, as a young department editor (beauty ed) starting out, why good editorial content was the single most important element in the magazine. In beauty this required in-depth knowledge of the industry and vast experience. I still believe that my best story was written when you were at the helm – ‘Message on the Bottle’. I remember you saying that the content of the magazine that we worked on should last the reader the entire month. Beauty advertisers valued good quality copy and coverage but I don’t know whether this still plays a role with pretty pictures and dumbed down copy being the trend.

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    Thank you…..magazines I bought when I was younger have changed so much in the last 25 years….why do editors feel they need to dumb down the content?

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