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    terence grant

    Don’t bother about taking advice from people who say mitigates against ,instead of militates against.

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    Billy Cosmo

    I’m ignorant. Where in the constitution does it state that it protects racist speech?

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    Llewellyn Kriel

    The either/or approach to troll-control worries me very much, Jane. Your phrase “cyber mob censorship” is most apposite. It is something we routinely see when racist comments are aimed against minorities, especially whites (but also coloured and Indian people). The majoritarian backlash against anyone raising the alarm in favour of balance, justice and fairness is invariably so vitriolic and blinkered as to make rational debate futile. Consequently, the prevailing view is that black people are somehow incapable of being racist. And, conversely, only whites can be racists.

    This nullifies the efficacy of any kind of “let the people set their own group standards” approach. It also isolates South African debate from any counterbalancing rationale from the international community where the race card is reversed and minorities represent different ethnicities.

    I also worry greatly about the prevailing view that discrimination is only on the basis of race (in other words whites-vs-blacks, further reduced to the respective preponderance of melanin). This detracts from the fact that bigotry assumes many grotesque guises. We have recently seen the blinkered and uninformed prejudice against people with mental illnesses (and there are more than 8-million of us) in the wake of the Thamsanqa Jantjies fiasco. We regularly see blatant – and readily accepted – prejudice against the elderly. Online communities readily discriminate against people of faith and real trolls and hate-mongers mount vicious campaigns against theists.

    And these lists go on and on and on …

    Any approach that is mistakenly majoritarian, narrow and exclusive is doomed to shelter all manner of malevolence under its umbriferous tentacles. Such should be avoided at all costs.

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