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    Caroline Hurry

    A very interesting article. But why the heck shouldn’t people boycott the media to express their discontent? We all vote with our money, remember … and if publications are too busy sucking the politically correct teats of corporate/govt institutions I see no reason to read or buy them.

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    Henri le Riche

    Agree with Steve and others. What happens in South Africa, Overseas would have been called by it’s name long ago if the same thing happened to black minorities, in western countries. South Africans in general are so far behind, and “moered” over the head with political correctness, it made them professional hypocrites. Hate crimes are not understood in South Africa, yet, according to South Africans that does not happen when it happens to whites??? Hate crimes only happen to black Lesbians, black foreigners, and black South Africans?? But not whites? How stupid can people be? South African’s, thanks to the media, is kept stupid, but what’s new? Hypocrisy of the hilarious kind, supported by naive, gullible people, or let’s call them sheep, all huddling along for “social cohesion”

    South African’s in general are not just politically immature, but they’re still led by their noses like during the days of Apartheid. So out of sync with international matters of human rights, it’s joke. Keep the masses ignorant and stupid, and they will all sing in one choir, in denial, like under Apartheid. Singing in rhythm….”we don’t see anything wrong, racism here….under Apartheid, and under now, post-Apartheid”. Not much has changed, thanks to the media….(and ignorant people allowing themselves to be kept stupid) Deon Maaskaas? Really? A non issue, similar as Old fermented cheese under your shoe.


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    Wilma Hanekom


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    Wilma Hanekom


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    Brett Nortje

    Boikot Naspers!

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    Brett Nortje

    Does anyone want to try argue that Afrikaans voters made an informed choice when they drew their cross next to Helen Zille’s face in the election last month?

    Did Naspers – which was started with Afrikaner money to serve Afrikaner interests and has somehow been privatised as our culture and language have been privatised – provide anything approximating a platform to contest with the DA its voting record – voting with the ANC – on emotive issues like BEE AA and the disarming of our elderly parents using threats of 15 years in jail?

    Did Naspers, i.o.w. promote the principle of audi alteram partem?

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    Brett Nortje

    As to the origins of Boikot Naspers you are simply wrong.

    Boikot Naspers started up because Sunette Bridges challenged the ridiculous methodology used by Africa Check ‘to repudiate’ (in Naspers minds) Steve Hofmeyr’s assertions by putting up some of the statistics she has been keeping in the Rapport comments section.

    They were promptly censored. And again. And again.

    So Boikot Naspers was a response to blatant censorship.

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    A Stuijt

    That’s entirely accurate. I followed that story from the start. And she was correct to challenge that murky group of ‘researchers’ who are paid by some murky government group to create fake ‘statistics’ for party-political purposes only. Naspers used to be looked up to by Afrikaner readers but now I see this trend where they will refer to a specific article in one of its newspapers and often add the sentence: ‘maar dit is Naspers en jy weet hulle is nie betroubaar nie’ or something similar. I ‘d love to repeat the more colourful language they usually use these days to refer to Naspers publications. When your readership so massively starts despising and distrusting you, it’s time to change your policies or sink.

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    Brett Nortje

    Naspers followed that censorship up with an even more blatant attempt to massage our reality when they tried to delegitimize the statistics Bridges has been keeping on black-on-white violence.

    Bridges’ statistics, Rapport claimed, was full of inaccuracies.

    Forgetting to put into context that the data (compiled by a lay person because no-one else has the guts) had a 5% error margin which any social scientist knows is average and permissible and certainly on par for any of the social sciences.

    The big question now is why Naspers has not faced the derision of its peers for its underhanded tactics – most often, censorship – and for serving its target audience so poorly?

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    Dude, say what you will about Deon Maas, but the statement you made about him completely contradicts your whole argument?!

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