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    Ross Gordon

    If every school had to teach all 11 languages and all students had to learn all 11 languages, where would you get the teachers?, where would you get the classrooms? and no one would be able to get a matric with 11 languages.

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    Ross Sergeant

    Of all South Africans whose home language is not English 75% prefer to read in their home language (AMPS 2014AB) and that proportion has not increased nor decreased in the last three years.

    However, of this group, 81% read and understand English, whereas the next most read and understood language, Afrikaans, is at 32% followed by Zulu at 39% and Xhosa at 24%.

    It seems that, regardless of social conscience, any mass media such as television or radio is going to have greater economies of scale if it were to be in English.

    Knowing that the motivations of publishers or broadcasters are seldom cultural preservation and almost always profit, there clearly is an economic argument for publishing or broadcasting in languages other than English and some are clearly succeeding at it.

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    Apollo John Pampallis

    The Translator Network went to endless effort and expense in an initiative to “South Africanize” South African websites into 3 major African languages to cover 2/3 of S.a home languages from the present 11%. We even set up teams of linguists to create ethnic e-terminlogoly, but despite lots of talk with over 300 prospects at government and private level, nothing came of it, demonstrating a serious short sightedness and eurocentric arrogance of major players (including ‘blacks’) who have no respect for this country’s ethnic makeup or its cultural roots, as well as lack of real sense of pride of our ethnic people. If you wish to take this competitive advantage, they free to contact me by private message on fb

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