Aileen Lamb & Hendri Lategan Articles 1

Hendri Lategan is the COO of Swipe iX. With key leadership roles in top online publishing, digital development and marketing agencies, Hendri has a unique understanding of the technology and digital industries. He is passionate about the future of technology and strives to push the boundaries of the digital landscape. Aileen Lamb is the CEO of New Media. She has over 20 years’ experience in all aspects of media – in the UK and South Africa – and was the driving force behind the digitisation and relaunch of successful media brands including Eat Out, VISI and Woolworths TASTE. Since taking the helm, Aileen has led the transition of New Media from primarily a customer magazine publisher to a digital content marketing agency that delivers measurable ROI to a wide variety of blue-chip clients. She believes that courage is the starting point of everything great and has instilled a company culture in which all New Media employees feel empowered to “choose brave”.

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