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    We watched Idols yesterday (we’re in Edgemead, Cape Town & have the box) but when Carte Blanch started at 7pm we had no picture & were very dissapointed in missing the Quantas story, our friends down the road had the same problem, this also happened with the 8pm Sunday movie, it was on for 2 minutes then nothing, WHY ?. Will Carte Blanch be available in the future on M-net, was there a break in transmission, is this going to happen in the future meaning we will not be able to see Carte Blanch?
    More often than not we have great difficulty trying to find a good movie to watch on DSTV, there are a lot of repeats and sub standard movies.
    Do you have an open feedback web page where one can view un-edited viewers comments so one can see what other subscribers have to say as your fees go up every year and the quality goes down.

    K. Cornish.  

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