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    the family have been terribly abandoned by our goverment, make it right. its a shame and an embarrasment that we as a country cant speak out harshly against such human right abuses by dictators on our continent. whats happened to gaddafi assets, the hammeral family should put in a civil claim against them for damages and loss and suffering.

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    Rusty van Druten

    The family should not have to appeal in this instance. The SA government and its agencies have an automatic responsibility, albeit a moral one to facilitate this request to the full extent of its influence and available resources.

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    Ciro De Siena

    It is the very, very least the government can do. I wish you the very best with this.

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    Theuns Kruger

    Now president Zuma want to offer Gaddafi asylum in SA… A slap in the face of everyone, not just the Hammerl family…

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    nonsense. There’s absolutely no evidence that Zuma intends offering his sleazy friend asylum, yet you’re stating it as a fact. This open letter is important – don’t undermine it by spreading childish rumours.

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