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    I have cracked my brain so much trying to figure out if it’s Ben Kingsley or not. That was a brilliant concept and well executed. Well done to all involved.  

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    When I first saw the Ad I thought it was another Johnny Walker Ad.  The execution is very similar to the JW ad currently flighting in cinema.  

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    Best Ad ever and so cleverly executed. Today is the first time I find out that it is genuinely Sir Ben Kingsley. I have argued long and hard with my family saying that he would never come all the way to SA to shoot an ad…….WOW!!! Thumbs up to you guys!!! Well Done!!!

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    Johan Du Toit

    Is this advert available to view online somewhere? 

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    There is a really interesting IP spat brewing over the Dial Direct response to this ad. See

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    Obviously only the positive comments will be posted but, unfortunately the person chosen for the ad, no matter the title, gives Santam a particularly bad image and I mean image!

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