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    Roger Wynne-Dyke

    I hear you Cathy. When would be a good time to call for a chat about a Cape Town fundraiser?…kidding!

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    Amanda Watson

    Sigh. All true. My pet peeve is sending me the e-mail, then attaching a word document. Seriously? Why not, I don’t know, just put it in the body of the e-mail. Spike.

    Put a precis at the top so I know what it’s about. Or spiked.

    Then delete all the adspeak because it will either be spiked or at the least, turned into English.

    Then cut the word count to between 60 and 150 words because if I have to reduce a 650 word tome to 60 words, I’d rather spike it.

    Attach your photos seperately, hi-res, and name the people and their positions in the photo. I can’t use an 87 KB photograph. What’s KB? I suggest you find out, because I’m not going to to-and-fro with PR know-nothings, your story is spiked.

    You’ve sent a press release on behalf of a firm doing SCR. Is it doing SCR for free advertising or does it really want to make a difference? How do we tell the difference? By all the capitilisation of Titles and repetition of the company name. Boring, obvious, spike.

    There should be a law that all PR ‘practioners’ be experienced reporters before being allowed to practice PR.

    And, shew, do they need a lot of practice.

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