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    Annie Mentz

    A pathetic lot, trying too hard to be like the British.As with every program S.A. copies from other countries(cause they cant think for themselves?) They try to put on just too much of a “show” and fail dismally. Not worth watching. Oh and “Emsie’s” table manners (spitting food out and throwing it over her shoulder-1st episode) DISGUSTING

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    They are copying the same flaw as in the UK one, ie that votes are cast after each episode, so the person who has the first night behaves nicely and makes sure everybody is happy.
    They get their score in the  bag, and then become the guest from hell for the following nights, moan about the food, and misbehave to make sure nobody has a nice evening.
    If they left the voting for after the last night, this strategy wouldn’t work

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