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    Great advice for any aspiring travel writer, in fact not travel alone. Read the last tip, take note freelance writers too.

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    Monica Cromhout

    Thanks Caroline. This is motivating and practical. Have copied it on to a group of writers I know. 

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    Trevor Frost

    Caroline, thanks so much. I’m busy scratching my way through what will be my second book. I have learned so much from not only your comments, but your frankness that makes them far more compelling.

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    Nick Harman

    ‘Lose the unremitting good cheer. Among all the stories I had read
    about Egypt before I went, nobody had prepared me for the filth,
    the cruelty to horses, the stray dogs and starving camels eating
    cardboard from rubbish dumpsr.’

    Yes I tried that once and the editor said it was borderline racism! I suspect the real issue was a stonking great ad from the country’s tourist board on the next page (not egypt I hasten to add)

    My negatives were severely watered down. Lonely Planet books always seem rather loth to criticise 3rd world countries in any way but happy to be rude about western europe, kind of double standards I feel

    tell it like it is if you can is my opnion

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    Miruna Corneanu

    Good post, Caroline.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    Tom Plant

    Flat out excellent tip. Bravo, Caroline! 

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    Johanna Bradley

    Thank you

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    Caroline Hurry

    “I suspect the real issue was a stonking great ad from the country’s tourist board on the next page ” … mmmmm, I feel your pain Nick!

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    Mary Coons

    Great ideas; thanks for sharing.

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    Mark Footer

    Speaking as a commissioning editor of travel articles, I could not agree more with your list, Caroline. All I’d add is that a bit of humour alongside the gritty realism rarely goes amiss.

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    Cindy Hanson

    Great info! Thanks for sharing!

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    Thanks for the tips, I’ll try again and again to perfect my travel stories as you have suggested.

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    Well said Caroline …. I would love to put this up on my website ( for future/potential contributors to read!

    Let me know if you’re happy for me to do so, naturally with the appropriate credits and links!


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    Caroline Hurry

    Hi Gayle,  that should be fine … pse email me directly on … btw is the above link correct? I got through to a page totally unrelated to travel …

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    Thand you for posting Caroline – good tips.

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    Melody Wren

    thank you so much. simple tips but important to think about while I am working on so many articles at once. I have now subscribed and anxiously await updates.

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    Wandering Educators

    fantastic tips – especially the details part. there’s nothing that makes me more annoyed than reading about a place and not getting enough information.

    and i love talking with locals. it makes the WHOLE experience better.

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    Heather Hapeta

    good stuff .. will add it to resouces for my Travel Writing workshop students … with you name/ details of course 🙂

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     I always tell young uns to print it out then read it, funny how what
    seems okay on Word on screen is not so okay when on a piece of paper

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    Simon Ball

    Good stuff particularly points 8 and 10

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    Wonderful tips.  I’ll keep them in mind.

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    Taylor William

    Great work..Thanks for these tips…I would surely follow them when ever i travel.t

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    Caroline Hurry

    You’re welcome, Taylor. Thanks for your kind comment!

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