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    What a ridiculous temper-tantrum. And more than that, it smacks of deeper resentments, of McKaiser’s intellectualism, or his success and prominence. Sorry that the Masterchef finale got ruined for you, but, seriously, kalmeer. 

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    I like reality TV. I know a lot is pre-recorded and scripted, but the concept of watching real people appeals to me. I mean real people, of course. Not the Kardashians.

    Masterchef South Africa is one of those really appealing concepts (a ha! You thought I’d say appetising, but I didn’t). I didn’t watch the show, but followed all the social media updates, and saw how much people enjoyed it.

    Now with it being pre-recorded, we knew that the winner was crowned a while ago. The winner obviously kept mum, I would assume strict confidentiality agreements and so forth. The advertising for this show must have been a phenomenal source of income for M-net, so I would suppose that they protected themselves.

    Enter Mr Eusebius McKaiser and Talk702. Please bear in mind, this isn’t some student on a campus radio station. This is an extremely respected journalist, master debater and academic, on a radio station with a reputation for hardcore journalism.

    One would assume they would not act like children, right? Wrong.

    Eusebius blurts out the winner of Masterchef, hours before the final show is aired. Really. When confronted about it on Twitter, he blocks the user who dared ask.

    My conclusion, as an end-user in this whole saga, is that this was simply done to be the first to break the story, even though all of South Africa was just about to find the fact out. Where is the ethics in that? Why would you be a spoilsport, to put it mildly?

    That’s not journalism. Telling me something I was hours away from finding out on my own anyway, is being obnoxious. I don’t like obnoxious much, to be honest.

    I think we are lucky all of South Africa doesn’t listen to 702, and it was still a surprise for some. I certainly won’t listen to the station in the near future.

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    I was also completely enthralled by the Masterchef series.    It was an extremely well put together programme and I was glued to the telly for every episode.    Quite odd for someone who can barely boil an egg.     I can’t remember any South African production that I have followed so enthusiastically since that very first Big Brother.   
    I follow Whale Cottage on Twitter and as they’d hinted quite early on that they knew the winner I became extremely anxious that they would also post a spoiler.    I was so worried someone would ruin the excitement that I deliberately kept off Twitter for a day before the final.   Fortunately I was left to enjoy the brilliantly created tension of the final.    I have never heard of Eusebius, mainly because Cape Talk reception isn’t great in my house, so my tuning in is reserved for my car.    But it sounds like he ought to take a step down from his mighty podium and consider what holds it up.

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    Tom Purcell

    I like EMcK. He’s a bright guy and very listenable on 567/702. He did however ‘unfriend’ me on Facebook when I disagreed with him about something. Seemed a bit petty I have to say.

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    Thank you. The puffed up, all-knowing arrogance which is Eusebius has been annoying the crap out of me for the longest time. And for an allegedly independent political analyst, he is embarrassingly and blatantly biased.

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