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    Mandy Collins

    On Monday night I saw an ad on M-Net, presumably for a competition, asking TV viewers “What is the name of the restaurant that the winner of Masterchef SA wins?” And this is after all the controversy. It’s very misleading – that’s clearly not the same as “options of participation”.

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    Caryn Gootkin (in other words)

    Thanks for that, Mandy. I’m surprised they are still using those words in their marketing material after the media controversy. 

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    As a subscriber I still feel like I benefited from this fantastic show, however this is a bit of bad mojo on the side of DSTV.

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    Marthunis Britz

    DSTV is in it to make money and loads of money they will never give away a prize to the value of 8 milj if they are not making 10 times that in profit. They misled us all by lying to us and now with the confidentiality contracts they are allowed to hide the crime and just continue to do what they do best, rip their customers off.
    I have a proper internet connection at home, and watch all sport on streaming, my computer screen is as big as a television and its not HD but even by paying per program its a lot cheaper than what DSTV charge for the ‘Rugby only” package, the options they have is horrible, you are not able to have Supersport 1 if you dont have the most expensive package… I ended my subscription after this saga and will not be looking back. Shows on the netowork show long before they reach MNET. I only miss out on local programs but I can live with that… 

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    Penny Haw

    Deena is the biggest loser here and I feel for him. Not only doesn’t he receive what viewers (at least) were led to believe he’d win, but he also risks getting a reputation of being someone unafraid of speaking out. As commendable as this is, it could negatively influence potential future business relationships for him, given that prospective employers/business partners tend to shy away from people linked in any way to controversy. It’s a pity an entertaining show has ended this way.

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