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    Allan Robert Troskie

    Good read – encapsulates so much of how I feel about our national broadcaster… Another African “success” story.

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    It would be funny but for the fact that the poor taxpayer has to foot the bill again!

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    In a highly competitive 24 hour international news environment on DSTV, the SABC has clearly decided “no, we will just do our own thing.”

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    rod prynne

    I’m surprised you don’t mention the most obvious flaw of all – the picture formatting.which has plagued SABC news for a long time now. The picture doesn’t fill the screen but is frequently picture within the screen with a blank border making the picture very small and therefore hard to see. Often the picture will be stretched or squashed. I have a an old 4:3 set and get a thin wide picture and blank stripes top and bottom, thus an unnecessarily small picture. Even ETV which I see as pretty hopeless knows to fill the screen and sacrifice the sides. Of course CNN/BBC/Al Jazeera get it perfectly right. In the end it’s incredibly amateurish.

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    The ONE hour news in the evening is too long. Who will ever watch 24 hours of this rubbish?

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    instead of complaining do something

    what did you do that we can all celebrate?

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    Tatenda Chiweshe

    I hope it works out. It would be quite useful to hear someone else’s propaganda rather than just that of 702, CNN, BBC and others of similar sentiment. That way we are more likely to calculate the real picture on issues by averaging the two sides.

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