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    What was she doing in these countries?

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    john jose

    I am joining the ANC, even if I do corruption, i just need to apologise, i will still be allowed to be a member. I like this, South Africa’s new corruption punishment.

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    Paul Kershaw

    Promoting her own BEE initiaitives for herself. Its called shopping.

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    Lucky Luciano

    Mr Jose – the rules and regulations of fraud apply only to us Mr John citizen of this world. For government officials – that is another story- such rules do not apply for them as they make the rules to protect themselves.

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    Well done Sunday Times! Doesn’t matter to which political party you belong to, or how high up the ranks you are, you liable for your actions, but I’m afraid corruption seem so difficult to get rid off in this “rainbow nation” that FW de Klerk/Mandela tried so desperately to make a better place for all. But the dream is fading day-by-day…its sad!

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    They Say

    Stupidity combined with arrogance and a huge ego will get you a long way.” Chris Lowe – Ad ……………. in the ANC

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    Sherwin Chellan

    Well done Sunday Times! Forget about getting recognition from Government us tax payers appreciate your great work.

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    I agree. But how about The Times doing the same towards Riah Phiyega regarding the hatchet job it did regarding what she said or did not say in respect of blaming inter union rivalry for the violence on the mines. They quoted her completely out of context and turned it into a campaign in a news story AND an editorial. Bad journalism and not the kind of thing the media in general can afford or should tolerate in the face of government moves to curtail its independence.

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