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    Poor Surve, if he wants to dictate the look, smell, feel and taste of the products he now owns he should have bought a biscuit factory.

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    And an article exposing Survé’s crooked “crony” dealings had nothing to do with Dasnois’ axing?

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    Barry Sergeant

    Survé, the wannabe El Presidente, is a megalomanic whose apparent allegiances are ruses for his personal ambitions. The newspaper group where he is now practicing his strange approach to the world is doomed. This is further proof that – despite evidence to the contrary – it pays to be a freelancer. Work full-time for the likes of Survé, and you soon become cannon fodder, passively repeating ill-disguised gibberish. Freelancers – those who are straight up and straight down – can work until they drop dead, with their dignity intact in one solid contiguous piece.

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