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    The whole country purges the skilled and the meritorious. It could be said that jealousy and resentment have been elevated to a position of moral virtue in a post liberation dystopia of mediocrity.

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    The independent audit report found that 60% of executive and senior managers at SABC do not meet the minimum strategic thinking skills for executives; 56% were unable to demonstrate adequate levels in solving problems and making decisions; A further 15% demonstrated only marginal competence in strategic thinking and problem solving.

    And, I suggest, the racial composition is about 90% Black. When will this country and the ANC accept that demographic representation DOES NOT mean NUMERICAL REPRESENTATION. A well balance representative team that draws on a broad spectrum of skills is easily achievable with 50% Black and 50% White candidates. This racial obsession to stuff Blacks into every position simply because they are Black is a proven failure.

    The ANC will not change their ways until the ANC is faced with the real prospect of losing power. Africans who love the ANC for what it stood for in the past, but are revolted by the behaviour of those now in power, should realise a vote for opposition parties is not a vote against the ANC. It is a vote to force the ANC to replace the corrupt and incompetent with honest and accountable leadership.

    Black South Africans, take courage and vote against the ANC. Force a paper-thin majority. Then watch as the ANC cleans their stables of its stinking dung.

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    Unfortunately that courage and wisdom does not seem to be there. They will cling to the skirts of the abusive motherbody, and deny the real causes of our decline.

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