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    Well the 2010 Soccer World Cup has come and gone so no wonder OP’s trial is generating more attention. COme on guys. surely you mean the 2014 WC?

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    or do you mean that at the time of the 2010 WC in South Africa there were fewer news items than the 2014 OP trial?

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    @malcom, I think they mean in the context of South African news. The 2010 world cup created more publicity than ever… Now Oscar’s story seems to be taking its toll.

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    It quite clearly says: ‘its research shows that the 2010 Fifa Soccer World Cup was a smaller news story than the Oscar Pistorius story’ so I’m not sure what you are come-on-guys-ing about, malcolm. I think you’ve missed the point somewhere.

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    The story refers to the CURRENT world cup, not 2010. Have a look at the DDI website, where this is made clear. It’s a silly claim, though, because obviously a murder trial involving a major sporting celebrity will generate more interest than preparations for the World Cup. This type of research is very dubious to begin with.

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