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    Caroline Hurry

    I love RSG … I really do. Baie gesellig (is that the right word??) I also love that they don’t bombard the listener with (too many) seriously annoying adverts and I LOVE that they support local musicians unlike the other radio stations that I don’t bother with anymore

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    Alan Kennedy

    Twiddling the dial a while back to escape the Oscar schlock of other stations I came across the old favourite I’d often tuned into only on the Platteland – for dearth of choice. I like the mix of talk, news and music [more along the lines of late nineties early 2000s SAFM] and the fact that one can hear a range of music from Ge Korsten to Marc Alex to Parlotones to Miriam Makeba… in half an hour. Also, most of the people who phone in or who are interviewed are much more positive than the bitter drivel dished out on the other talk shows. RSG is Bobaas [another worthwhile local station is Chai FM, 101.9 – if you don’t have a problem with a Jewish Community oriented station ;-]

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    Piet Bylevloek

    Even RSG has gone down with their liberal claptrap.
    At least they still play sensible music,enjoy Wereld Musiek with Amanda Olivier on a Friday night & Opera with Wouter on a Sunday.

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    RSG has been subverted since the establishment of the “new South Africa”. It’s just part of the genocide against Afrikaners and their culture. Afrikaners are not allowed a mainstream radio stations for themselves anymore. Everything has to be “multicultural”, or the left wingers will cry about racism.

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