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    J Gauntlett SC was directly involved in the forgeries of definitions contained in the LRA of 1956 and the subsequent misinterpretations of such manipulated statutes to the apparent benefit of his clients but to the detriment of many thousands of innocent employers and their employees.

    As such he was and definitely is not a fit and proper person to be appointed a judge in any Court of this Country.

    See the relevant submissions to the JSC dated 7 February 2013.

    Whatever the shortcomings of other candidates for a judgeship might have been they cannot match the hidious and irresponsible actions of a senior counsel who knowingly and deliberately makes use of forged statutes in his legal arguments.

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    Hi Ed,

    Good article, but please explain what “investigative reporting” Moodie did in all of this? You cite Myburgh but not Moodie?

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