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    An SABC RAISEYOURHAND INITIATIVE is one of the most important initiative in our country which will open most of our youth within our communities to understand that educcation is not just a learning curve but a future build up towards thier dreams and wishes. My biggest wish is that this initiative could have more effect in our rural communities where there is more than just a need of developing a educational view within our youth. Most of our youth in rurals areas drop out of schools due to social problems which are mostly lead by lack of information and motivation of young youth on early age about education and right choices of thier future.
    If only we could get together in give our experieces in this initiative we would go as big as a rainbow nation in bettering our nation with education than just words without action.
    We have lauched a STUDY PROGRAMME OF STUDY TECHNIQUES within our community which is set to develop our youth to see the importance of having an education in their life’s and to improve the interest in education as whole. As most of youth within our communities have a tandency of looking an education as a difficult task that requires more of their time. Bt this project its objective is to give youth a. balanced time towards their educational activities and social activities. As we have worked with few schools in our area the results we have aqiured from schools and learners its so impressive and so positive that we would like to give or spread this project to ur country to empower our youth with knowledge and understanding of FUTURE OF OUR CONTRY and their own.
    For more info on this programme you can contact Mr Ben Matsinyane on or 073 6423 265.
    My education, My responsibility, My Future!

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