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    this is so disheartening to read…makes you just want to cry..

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    Dr. Gregory Stanton, The Genocide Watch , TLU nuus
    konverensie 2012/07/26 YouTube Link


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    We need a two state option for Afrikaners to survive.

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    With government in control of the mainstream media, very few South Africans know what’s happening right under our noses. Ever increasing attacks, rapes, robberies, torture & murders on whites are covered up and people like Sunette, Steve, Dan and others (who are trying to bring awareness to the genocide) are villified as racist, ridiculed and ostracised by their own.

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    Hein Bertram

    The suspicion gets stronger and stronger that the SABC and its political masters do not regard the farm tortures and executions as a crime at all.

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    Teresa Williams

    Thanks for this article. I’m noticing a strong anti-white trend in the media that is very worrying – it reminds me of the anti-Tutsi propaganda on Rwandan radio before the genocide of 1994. (That’s how it works – prejudice and hate-speech, obviously wrong and unfair but not *harmful*, as such – but it prepares the ground for when the leadership wants all hell to break loose.) When the bad guy is white, we get saturation coverage. When the bad guy is black, the race of the bad guy isn’t mentioned, or the incident itself is never mentioned.

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