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    Section 200A of the LRA and the dominant impresssion test applied by the court clearly would suggest this Mr Fani was an employee

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    Stevo Jones

    iol=anc. Cancel your subscriptions if you haven’t already.

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    zipp reeper

    who are all those Independent non-entities with those fancy titles? they’re pathetic

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    The whole article says…what? Nothing. The paper implies, but doesn’t say outright, that the ’employee’ was in the wrong. Too much obfuscation? Well, if we all knew what the Independent meant by obfuscation, perhaps so. Wasn’t there a more precise word that could have been used? A word which sounded less self-important?

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    Independent from intelligible journalism.

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    Two fairly glaring errors from Independent Group in their responses:
    1. “Mr Fani is an independent contractor to Independent Media and not an employee”. Not true. He is a full-time employee in law, as pointed out by Terry Bell. Finish and klaar.

    2. Independent Media says it does have a copy of a contract signed by Fani that “clearly stipulates” the terms of his employment. So how then is Independent able to provide the answer in point 1 above?
    In any event, why is Independent raising the matter with the Press Ombudsman? Exactly what part of the report by Bell breaches the Press Code?

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