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    Gail Schimmel

    While funding of the ASA is of paramount importance, needs to be increased and should be the responsibility of the industry, there is no doubt that some questions can still be asked about the current operational costs of the ASA. To my knowledge, two salaries at the ASA account for an excess of R2m of the annual costs. Unfortunately the ASA chooses not to make its financial records public record (unlike most similar bodies which include it in the annual report) so it is difficult for the industry to know how much of the current disaster is lack of funding and how much is good old fashioned wastage. A closure of the ASA will be a disaster for the industry and leave a number of people with specialised skills out of a job. The industry needs to wake up, first ask questions and then open its purse strings.

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    Gail resigned from the ASA eight years ago and should move on.

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    Gail Schimmel

    I still work in the industry and am passionate about the continued existence of the ASA and of self regulation for the advertising industry. I believe the industry needs to do everything – ask questions, look for solutions, and find funding – it can to keep the ASA alive – and I would imagine that Fred should also feel that way. But perhaps I am mistaken.

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