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    Name the wine farms that are guilty, Salie. Until you do that, nobody will believe your story. Why get a newspaper whose stories are untrue?

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    long time journo

    if you read the cape times story it is obvious it is a thumb suck. Not one named source besides the plagiarized facts from years ago. protecting sources? hogwash. Salie trying to hide an invented story. lets meet “baby thomas” – if he exists.

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    Everyone knows that Independent NPs has a ANC mandate, this strategy has been evident since seasoned journos have been fired for discussing relevant issues pertaining to the failures of the ANC administration, as well as the current strategy of both titles, Cape Times and Argus, to incite racism in the WC.
    As for Cape Times being a “title with a very proud history as Cape Town’s premier morning newspaper”, Salie has certainly destroyed this reputation.
    I agree, nothing worthwhile reading in both titles these days, so much for independent and credible journalism when your editorial team are seen proudly sporting ANC attire at major ANC events.
    Plagiarism of old information – certainly no surprises there either.

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    Maggie Louw

    And for the disgusting, unprofessional behaviour from a journalist, Zille gets vilified? Since when is press freedom the freedom to lie and plagiarise? Shows how we have sunk.
    Zille should stop getting the tabloid for libraries as well, or does she also approve of an ill informed citizen who falls for propaganda? Perhaps it would also be a good idea for SANEF to get their priorities right.
    MOL, why did they not give you the names of the farmers as you requested? Why did they go on their usual hateful crusade against Zille instead of proving their facts?
    This is very suspicious.

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    Maggie Louw

    So, when someone stands up for the truth and calling for FACTS, it’s an abuse of power? These flippant accusations come only from the ANC and their lapdogs who are eating each other for a better position at the trough!

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    Teresa Williams

    Zille is absolutely correct: the quality of the Cape Times has gone down so much, it IS “wasteful expenditure” to buy it. I haven’t bought one since December 2013.

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    Sheldon Smuts

    Salie is not being honest and we have realised this and a group of us have all decided to cancel or not renew the Cape Time……Just not with reading anymore

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