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    Mio Khondleka

    You do have a point here. But the landscape is changing as a number of new commercial radio stations are focusing on african languages and English as a secondary language. Let`s not forget about the opportunities at the SABC. That has been where a number of talented community broadcasters have moved to.
    On the community radio issue, one thing that I have noticed is that the people running the stations are not willing to work on the quality of their offering. From music, imaging, content and presentation. A decade ago Community stations were the training ground for commercial stations because the people who ran these stations took training seriously. Its not the same in 2015. Mio Khondleka

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    Mxolisi Gulubele

    Adding to what Mio is saying.! The black community radio stations are poorly managed. That is why, there is no longer any training going on. If these were run properly, they would be profitable enough to pay their people like the whites do. In so doing the talent in community station would generally not see the need to work at the bigger commercial stations. There for multiplying the opportunities you are speaking off. Let’s face it, there are more community radio stations than there are commercial ones. In some ways we need to teach our people how to run these stations and run them not only for their benefit but for the betterment of their community.

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