Chris Barron Articles 1

Chris Barron has been associated with South Africa's largest selling newspaper the Sunday Times since 1993 as a journalist covering general news, human interest, politics and business. In 2000 he became the paper's chief writer of obituaries. He turned what was a moribund and largely ignored obituaries section into one of the most eagerly read pages in the newspaper. His sometimes controversial obituaries have been cited in the news media and on radio talk shows, and referenced in schools and universities. A collection of his obituaries was published in 2007, reached the Exclusive Books top 10 best sellers' list and quickly sold out. For 15 years he has published a weekly question-and-answer column in the Sunday Times called "So Many Questions" in which he has subjected the country's movers and shakers to probing questions about the issues of the day. Since 2000 he has been writing a weekly "Newsmaker" column in the Sunday Times Business Times which is required reading for anyone interested in the country's business leadership.

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