Damon Kalvari Articles 3

To escape his noisy home and extra-large family of six, Damon Kalvari started working in radio, first at 702 in 1994 while studying to be a chiropractor. It was there that he was bitten by the radio bug. For most of 2000 Damon entertained and annoyed South Africa with his off-beat After Midnight Show. He left 702 ten years later, in November 2004 to join Gareth Cliff at 5FM, initially on the afternoon drive show and then the morning show. Damon met his wife Bernice via a shidduch (set-up) at a party in July 2007. Bernice liked the sound of Damon, who had been described to her as a sweet guy, working in radio, who was tall with a boep. Of course she already knew this as she had googled his specs. They got married in November 2009. Their family was joined by their daughter Alexa in April 2012.

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