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With 20 years experience as a media strategist for industry leaders, and owner of Journalism Hub, MediawebSA, Dean McCoubrey possesses vast experience and insight into news media, the app landscape, smart technology and social media. Partnered with two of the world’s leading curriculum providers and working with a Brains Trust of neuroscientists, psychologists and cognitive therapists he turned two decades of expertise towards his ‘Digital Life Skills & Media Literacy’ Program for teens and pre-teens, MySociaLife. Passionate about education and human potential, he speaks internationally on the mental and emotional impact of media and devices on children, with MySociaLife winning awards and being recognised as a leading advocate of online safety. He believes that tweenagers who become safer, smarter ‘digital citizens’ will stand out (and excel) - based upon a robust blend of digital values and soft skills in this demanding and competitive new decade.

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