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futurefact aims to provide a fact based compass for governmental, societal, business, media and academic institutions to consider how best to tap into and map out opportunities. Organisations also have a profound responsibility to see the warning signs and formulate a strategy to deal with them. South Africa is one of the most rapidly changing societies in the world. Companies don’t operate in a vacuum; they are dependent for their strategic route into the future on the social conditions in which they operate. These social conditions are affected by such factors as class mobility, socially disruptive and cohesive forces, economic perceptions and behaviour, our changing urban geography, the two e’s: energy and environment, political and social beliefs and insecurities, and much more besides. These all have enormous impact on citizen and consumer behaviour, which directly affects business strategy and marketing for the future. futurefact interrogates these myriad social conditions, strips away the many complexities and vagaries and presents the findings in a context upon which decisive action can be taken. The futurefact surveys are a balanced combination of demographics, attitudes, activities, values, fears and ambitions with a comprehensive media section.

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