Justine Cullinan & Grant Nash Articles 2

Grant Nash, programme manager for 5FM, is a born and raised Pretoria boy who enjoys life's simple pleasures like any other. Nash is an intelligent, committed humanitarian and animal activist. His path to compassionate living debuted in 2009 when he joined a former colleague on a month long fasting ritual. This quickly brought about a permanent switch to being vegetarian. His prompted brain went into research mode and a vegan lifestyle was the next logical step in compassionate living. The other thing that elicits that much passion from him, is rugby:-) As a former 5FM DJ, Grant used his position of influence to become more involved in trying to create a difference for humans and animals alike. He is known for being vocal about not inflicting pain on other living beings, as well as using veganism to help combat the destruction of our planets natural resources. His 20,000 strong twitter following have been subjected to healthy debate with Grant’s sole purpose being to plant the seed of change. 20,000 often fluctuates when the plant lover pursues what his followers have called ” the vegan rant”. As a committed Buddhist practitioner, Grant has taken vows that closely align with a vegan lifestyle. Refrain from harming living creatures being one of them. This is taken so seriously that he once bought locusts from a pet shop to liberate them. #extremealert. When he’s not trying to save the planet one tweet at a time, Grant enjoys lazy afternoons on the couch with his partner and bulldogs. He also considers himself an amateur pastry chef. Amateur being the operative word.

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