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Matthew Clark is a seasoned expert in the field of sales, marketing and business development with more than a decade of experience in various industries from energy to telecoms and more. He is currently the CEO of The Virtual Edge, a company focused on assisting small businesses by facilitating the automation of marketing and sales processes, and Director at the Sales Floor, an innovative hiring solutions website that specialises in identifying the best matched sales candidate for your company’s specific needs. There’s no limit to the ambitions of this out-of-the-box thinker and powerhouse generator of new concepts though. Matthew’s always on the hunt for the next big thing which is what motivated him to become the first certified partner in Africa for Infusionsoft, an automation software solution geared towards saving small business owners time and money so that they can get back to focusing on the parts of their business that they actually enjoy. It’s just one of the tools in Matt’s arsenal of sales techniques and technology that give him an edge over all other sales professionals in this new shift towards optimisation through automation.

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