Oscar Foulkes Articles 1

Some people can bend it like Beckham. Others write best-selling novels or paint coveted masterpieces. People make fortunes in thousands of different ways. Living saints take long walks to freedom. Me? I’m the wild card. My brain is wired for innovation; I invent new concepts. I’m a marketing and branding person by instinct. For me, writing is both a work tool and a recreational pursuit. It is my nature to simplify complexity. I see the order that has been obscured by chaos; chaos masquerading as order. I seek out uncharted territory. I’m passionate about flavour, particularly wine and food (usually in that order). I hunt for things that taste delicious. Rainy days are for drinking red wine, not a reason for thrift. I thrill to the magnificence of great racehorses, and am fascinated by financial markets. Specialties Marketing, online retail, product development, call-to-action, communication, web development, social media.

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