Professor Lizette Rabe Articles 2

Prof Lizette Rabe holds a DPhil degree from Stellenbosch University and is professor and chair of the Department of Journalism - the first woman to hold this position. Lizette begins her professional career in 1979 as a reporter on the Naspers publication Die Burger in Cape Town. She was amongst others responsible for the managing and editing of a regional newspaper. In 1982 she was promoted to another Naspers publication, the magazine Sarie. There she has worked in various positions, taking her to assistant editor, deputy editor, and eventually editor - becoming the first woman to become editor of an Afrikaans Naspers publication. Lizette was author or co-author of seven books. She is amongst others member of the South African Communication Association, as well as the American Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, SANEF, the South African Society for Cultural History and the Cape Town Press Club. She is also member of two journalism related SGB's. As media practitioner a highlight was to attend the sixtieth jubilee of the biggest woman's magazine in 1994 in Europe as representative from the biggest woman's magazine on the continent of Africa. She has also attended magazine conferences in America and Europe, and was the guest speaker at various occasions.

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