Raff Mc Creadie Articles 1

Raffaele Mc Creadie is the Managing Director of Decimal Agency, a through-the-line advertising agency with a global footprint. Raffaele’s journey began 10+ years ago as he followed his heart into the advertising industry. He’s always had a burning ambition to be an entrepreneur even from a young age; kick-starting his advertising career learning how to sell in London, England before returning to South Africa to join a mobile/digital agency. After some time, Raffaele decided that it wasn’t for him and opened an advertising agency with a business partner. They both parted ways 6 years later and Raffaele immediately started a new agency, Decimal Agency, with a handful of loyal and supportive clients. “As Managing Director, I lead a team of ambitious creative minds that have a culture of finding the “wow factor” in everything they do”. Decimal Agency today (2019) services over 29 clients with a team of 30 odd young creative souls. The business’ core focus consists of creative concept, social media management, content creation, video editing & animation, web development & digital management as well as SEO/SEM. “We are on a mission to educate brands that you need not spend “big money” on “big problems”. There is no better time to build a business than during a recession.”

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