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Taryn Uhlmann Executive Head: Operations and Marketing at Discover Digital. I am a content and marketing specialist in the entertainment industry, with a specific knowledge of entertainment consumption platforms (including cinema, DVD, TV, VOD, IPTV) and various types of filmed content, informed by an astute understanding of diverse South African audiences’ consumer behaviour, psychographics and popular culture. An academic at heart, I value research, gleaning and interpreting insights, teaching and learning but it is the coming together of creativity and business that has really inspired my career. I have worked for fourteen years in the South African Film and Content industry and have subsequently developed a unique skills-set in the fields of marketing, brand management, content promotion and acquisition and consumption platforms. In a time of instant gratification and endless choices of entertainment options, consumer-led and consumer-informed strategising and sales, being technologically adaptable, adept and innovative as well as being consumer/audience/listener/viewer-centric, is essential. I find this challenging environment immensely exciting and full of opportunities to create new relationships between entertainment forms, consumption platforms, audiences and technology.

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