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    Princesa Xzaviera

    We have read Kuli Roberts’ view on coloured women, as per Sunday World 27th February 2011.

    My opinion is that if it was not wrong, slanderous, crude and racist, it would NOT be removed from the website! (I see that it’s back up)

    What kind of publication is this that allowed it to go to print in the first place?

    As coloured people, we have mostly chosen to remain neutral, unbiased… trying not to rock the boat, remaining impartial… but for goodness sake. As a professional, dignified coloured woman, I choose to join the more opinionated and say: “So vêr en nie verder nie!”

    Kuli Roberts, you have certainly stepped into it this time! Remember the time you asked the gay Muslim hairdresser ‘why do you have a problem eating pork, you take it up the ass!’? It shows exactly how socially inept and ignorant you are! If ignorance were bliss you’d be orgasmic -THAT IS THE TRUTH!

    PS – with a surname like Roberts, WHAT EXACTLY ARE YOU??? You and your sister are doing the coloured people so proud by loving the white men … YOU GO ON AND MAKE LITTLE COLOUREDS FOR US! We urge YOU to increase OUR population!!!

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    Davd Bullard

    What a hoot? Get sacked by AVUSA for writing a racist article and you’ll find that you have never been more in demand as a speaker. R20000 for an evening versus R2 a word……you decide nebbishes.

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    Kuli Roberts is an idiot!

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    Dela Diamante

    Kuli ‘Roberts’ needs to remember that it was ‘bo gogo bakhe’ that were lifting up their ‘sdwabas’ so the white men could naai them-and I don’t mean sew! Nx!

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    Kuli you are a terrible women. I am so happy that you are increasing our nation thank you, soon we will be taking over this country, and i hope you live to eat your words.

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    Type your comment here.
    Please could you mail me the article.

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    It never ceases to amaze me how so many talentless ‘celebs’ manage to attract such a huge media presence and people who have substantial qualifications, work experience and professional credibility (as well as ethics) are left out in the cold. This woman is an insult to professional journalists, it is a disgrace that she was ever given a column in the first place.
    That said, she will end up having a book deal (ghost written by someone who can actually write) and make a fortune from the tv spin offs, live appearance fees etc. etc. ad nauseum.
    So sad.

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