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    All people you interview probably complain .you get too excited and one sided . You are rude and disrespectful. Taking a hard line does not mean pushing your views onto guests . You can learn a lot from the likes of Vuyo Mvoko and John Perlman , and even Jenny Chris-Williams on interviewing skills .
    Personally I think you belong to radio not tv . Your face is too dull for tv .good move . Oh if u did not listen to safm ,advise is don’t comment . They did not need need you.

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    Napsy, You are the one that’s one sided!  Eusebius does his job to the best of his ability….he says it like it is.  Unfortunately for the Public Broadcaster, they have lost an intelligent & Diligent Analyst & Talk Show Host.  How sad for us the viewers as I faithfully used to watch the show.  Why can’t he drill corrupt politicians????????????????

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    Napsy you are such an Idiot. You quite obviously do not understand the importance of Journalism without fear or favour, media freedom and accountability in a democratic society. You are just a fool.

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