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    Miller Hailey1

    Check out SHARED, Inc. a non-profit that works to expand the access
    to health care by creating innovative, elegant solutions to
    filling gaps in the health care delivery system especially in LESOTHO.
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    world news

    News plays a very significant role in our daily lives.

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    Made from Earth products

    Beauty is an significant part in a lot of women’s lives, as well as some smooth have to wake up at the fracture of dawn in organize to arrange their skin care treatment and make up. 

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    Manuel "Male" N. Rigor

    Greetings! My name is Manuel N. Rigor and I’m from Manila, the Philippines. I saw this feature you had today on eradicating harmful mosquitoes in Africa and it had shown an effective 50% reduction on affected areas. Dengue fever is widespread here at the onset of the rainy season due to carrier mosquitoes. It affects thousands and has been fatal on several cases especially on children. Is this process you have shown effective for mosquitoes who are carriers of dengue virus? How do I get in touch with those good people who are in this eradication programe? Just a concerned citizen…. my e-mail is: Thank you and God bless….

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