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    If the telecoms companies spent less money TELLING us they are here for us and rather actually providing a BETTER SERVICE, we’d all be better off!  All they do is talk, perhaps it’s the culture of telecoms companies because that’s what they encourage us to do (on their phones)

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    Alice Leah, Editor, Mum's Mail

    Always a good read Amanda, thank you!

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    Amanda thanks for raising your voice, u one of a kind

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    Xolani Tyhopho Fekisi

    Thank you Amanda, As consumers we always experience these kinds of abuses but are simply too ignorant to complain or find out about the remedial options available to us or perhaps we complain and are simply ignored by network companies that simply tell us that we are contractualy bound to accept and don’t have other options.

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    More Contact Numbers for consumers if the Commission is busy: the dti Customer Contact Centre: 0861 843 384 Office of Consumer Protection (OCP) : (012) 394 1436 / 1558 /1076 emaill: the dti Website: // National Consumer Tribunal (NCT): (012) 663 5615 NCT E-mail: NCT Website: //

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