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     What a sad day in the history of South Africa! Our government voted AGAINST the healthy principle of ACCOUNTABILITY!!! I am totally against any form of violence and abuse of women and children, but how can our government support the upcoming annual campaign of 16 days of activism against violence to women and children, while they voted in favour of legislation that allow people to sweep their own …misconduct under the table with the “excuse” that it is “secret information”??? This opens the door for people who commit crimes of violence and abuse against women and children also to sweep their own misconduct under the table with the excuse that “what happens in my house, is a private and personal matter.” Our government did one of two things today – and I don’t know which one is worse: 1. They stated that they are above the laws of the country by shaking off any responsibility for their actions and being accountable for it. They now govern our country with a “blank cheque” that allows them to do whatever they want to and when they make a mess of it, they can call upon this law to protect them. 2. They opened the doors towards total anarchy where people will (rightfully) ask: “Why must we be held accountable for our misconduct when this is not the case with our own government?”

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    Why dont the media impose a blackout on government. They need you as much as we need free reporting

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