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    I shudder when I hear radio announcers refer to their “ko- leagues”  and a magazine that occupies a certain “nitch” . Then there are the celebrity chefs on DSTV who say fresh ‘erbs” to describe a part of their seasoning. These are mostly Americans. Do they count?  

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    Caryn Gootkin

    I am not brave enough to tackle the quirks of American English in a column. Yet.
    But I am already working on one about blunders radio and TV presenters make. May I use your examples?

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    I must agree with your sentiments Caryn.  I thought I was the only person who gets irritated by this kind of thing, so it’s good to know that I’ve finally found someone with whom I can share my frustration! Looking forward to reading more of your columns,

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    Caryn Gootkin

    Thanks, Toby. Social media has taught me that there are in fact many pedants out there. Good to have connected with another one.

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    I just received a corker via email & thought you would appreciate it:
    We have recently relaunched our corporate website and for those of you who are not completely ofe with how the group is made up, which assets we have in the group or services we run that may be of assistance to you, i urge you to take a quick look !

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    Caryn Gootkin

    Sonia, that is indeed a classic. And in a marketing email too….
    Why not simply use ‘familiar’ instead of the fancier French alternative, which, even if spelled correctly, would not be accessible to all?

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    Could this be a Cape Town thing? The inability or unwillingness to check even the most basic copy for a promotional campaign? I haven’t seen such excruciating errors in Joburg. Must be a Cape Town thing.

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    Caryn Gootkin

    Let’s test your theory, Travis. I haven’t been to JHB in a while but will ask my fellow word nerds up there to trawl the malls, so to speak. 
    Of course, you may just have started a North/South war of words….

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    Roxi Newham-Blake

    appalling! their spelling’s as inauthentic as their image, food, ambiance etc… not a big fan of Wembley Square.

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