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    Caroline Hurry

    Thank you for this lovely tribute, Glenda. Every other comment absolutely resonated … I still can’t quite believe she’s gone, but at least Linda lived her life to the full, and then some! Her loss is irreplaceable. There are so many small things that will always remind me of her and she lives on in my heart. My only regret is postponing my home visit to her by a week – and then it was too late, but how could any of us have known? I hope she is having a huge party “on the other side”.

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    Linda s early departure from our lives leaves me feeling so very sad and empty. I met Linda through Vaughan Johnson as I arrived in Johannesburg in the eighties. Her warmth and generosity blew me away. I remember so many things about her but most of all her frankness and vulnerablity. Her dinner parties were legendary as were her many hilarious undiluted stories. She was the cleverest most informed food critic and above all ……honest, so honest. I’ve spent the few days in a dwal, not really believing that she is no longer with us. Her love and loyalty to her darling Bas was remarkable. Her boys were her life as was her cat. That I will never hear that wonderful laugh or see those pretty sparkling eyes makes me feel robbed. One of the happiest nights we shared together was having supper on the pavement in Sea Point….we dragged our table and chairs from inside so that we could smoke and Ann Linda and myself sat there until the small hours, laughing (always laughing ) and talking lost in our friendship. Thank goodness for the memories, small compensation for the huge loss of a darling loyal honest friend. The hole she leaves is huge. I will talk about her often and keep the memory alive, darling Linda

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    Theresa Beukes

    Sorry that posting wad from Theresa Beukes

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    Bruce Cohen

    In the mid 70s, Linda could be seen striding  – like a sleek Vogue model on a catwalk – down Grahamstown’s High Street. We would stop and marvel at this wonder, jostle for her attention and (to quote Leonard Cohen) howl at her beauty like dogs in heat … those decades-old memories just don’t seem to fade.

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    Bruce Dennill

    I went on a trip with Linda to write about a new resort in Mauritius. Stepping off a boat after being ferried to the venue’s unspoiled beach, Linda missed her footing (I assume she was aiming for the “dishy ranger” who had his arm out to help her) and fell flat on her face in the sand. Our party promptly christened the site “Linda’s Landing”, and it remains known as such, if only to me – I pointed it out to my wife on another trip last year. That will be the least important part of Linda’s legacy, but it sums her up as I knew her. RIP, Linda.

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     She was the classiest of all of us by a long shot. I hope they have a luxury suite for her up there.

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    Cilla Kent

    I am so very, very sorry to hear of Linda Stafford’s death. We were colleagues in the late 70s, early 80s. I never knew her well, but she sure was fun  – and how I envied her that laugh!
    My heart goes out to Basil and her boys, and to all her family and friends.
    Cilla Duff Kent, Toronto

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